What is your hottest movie take?

  1. I’ve always thought Suicide Squad is just a standard mediocre/bad action movie and the reaction to it was so exaggerated because of all the hype and marketing leading up to it.

  2. I think you're taking some people's opinions a little too literally. For every bad movie you can find, there are hundreds worse. But very rarely does a film like Suicide Squad which is so widely anticipated and uses a popular IP bomb in the way it did. As far as big movie releases go, Suicide Squad is easily one of the worst in recent memory. I went into it pretty blind and found no enjoyment out of it. It's so messy. To date it's one of 2 films I've rated half a star.

  3. I mean it usually turns some heads when I say I don't like any of The Godfather movies. Don't think they're bad at all. Just didn't really do it for me. Seen them all twice including the first one in theatres and idk, just not for me I guess. I respect the hell out of it though and totally understand it's praises.

  4. Here are a few related hot takes: Leo is a solid actor, but not one of the greats. Tom Hardy blew him out of the water in The Revenant. That said, I actually thought Leo was better than Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, even though I really liked Pitt in that movie.

  5. Leo is fantastic in Django, very committed and more transformative than we've seen. Also intense in The Departed. Angry in every scene, I love it. Tom Hardy I couldn't understand in The Revenant, need subs but that scene talking about murder, chilling. I'm a big fan but he needs some proper acting roles again, grounded ones cos he's in danger of becoming a caricature of the stocky hard man.

  6. Mild-Hot Take: All the MCU films-even those post-Endgame-are at least solid. The vfx are a bit wonky at times, but I still am able to enjoy the story (I’m waiting a few weeks before I see Love and Thunder).

  7. Agree. I don't get the big hype. I gave them higher grades than I should have because I had great time. A New Hope is medium, Empire Strikes Back isn't a masterpiece, Return of the Jedi is alright. I wouldn't say they are incredible. It's the story of all the first six movies together that makes this franchise good.

  8. It’s ok to get excited in a theater. Films are made to invoke emotions, and excitement is a valid emotion to feel. Just be responsible and respectful, especially when in regards to theater employees and their duties. (EX: Don’t make a mess)

  9. i fell asleep, watched it on facetime with friends during early covid and wow it was boring. i love probably every other ghibli movie i’ve seen 100x more than it.

  10. it certainly has flaws (namely the finn/rose adventure) but i absolutely love TLJ. The highs are so incredibly high that they outweigh the lows. Luke Skywalker’s story became way more interesting and made perfect sense to me.

  11. MCU had ended with endgame and now they are just trying to collect as much money as possible by making movie by shitting out scripts like eternals, black widow etc just because ppl use to be invested in these characters

  12. I can see that, but as one who loves Sorkin’s dialogue and Fyncher’s directing, it’s probably my most perfect film of all time, and one of my favorites

  13. Come and See is devoid of any and all depth and is extremely manipulative. If not for the climax, it would have very little redeeming value outside of its obvious technical prowess.

  14. I watched Life of Brian before Holy Grail and LoB is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. Just back to back smartly written jokes with perfect comedic timing. I set my expectations way too high for Holy Grail, so yeah I was pretty disappointed with Holy Grail. I don't hate it and I still quote its lines today, but its no where near the comedy masterpiece that is LoB imo

  15. Of the Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight was the one I liked least. Which isn't a dog on it; I love it, & could watch it a million times, I just think the other two are better. Maggie G. was a downgrade...& although I love Aaron Eckhardt's performance, I just wonder sometimes if the world didn't glamourize Ledger's Joker a bit because of his untimely passing. I know the fact that Brandon Lee passing during the making of The Crow added a bit of mystique regarding the film & his character, & I worshipped that movie growing up. I just enjoyed Batman Begins & TDKR more, especially TDKR. Hathaway & Cotillard were both insatiable, JGL was great, & Bane's probably my favorite villain of the last I-can't-remember-how-many years.

  16. In 500 Days of Summer, we only meet the actual Summer at the very end. Every other time in the movie it's Joe's completely unreliable memory, except maybe at the rooftop party where you see a split-screen of expectations vs reality.

  17. I agree with American Beauty, it feels like it endorses Lester’s actions at the end, and the stalking. His character would have gone through with it had she not told him what she did. That’s creepy for me, because the film doesn’t present that as gross, it proceeds to mourn Lester and call that kind of behaviour an unrealistic pursuit of beauty and fantasy. It’s technically amazing though, especially the in the scene at the school cheerleading thing, as uncomfortable as it made me.

  18. You could try something more like Serpico which has a similar vibe but isn't strictly a "gangster movie". Or go to stuff like Black Caesar and Across 110th Street which is gangster + blacksploitation.

  19. I agree with your last one, and Moonlight is great, just as a fan of musicals I thought La La Land was insanely impressive and well done. It’s the best live action movie musical IMO.

  20. Batman & Robin’s deliriously creative aesthetic design, as well as its far separation from any semblance of recognizable reality, makes it a really enjoyable movie and a heck of a lot better than most of the gloom and doom of the past twenty years of Batman movies.

  21. -The dark knight is not that good except heath ledger . Saving private ryan is a meh. -the empire strikes back is overrated. The godfather part 3 is not that bad.

  22. TSR is loved because it's a wish fulfilment fantasy. It's safe and everyone can come out happy. It's the triumph over adversity that everyone roots for. It's not my cup of tea but I can see why it's very popular.

  23. Agree with Only God Forgives being a masterpice, gave that and Drive rewatches the other week and thought OGF blows Drive out of the water.

  24. Your assessment of Only God Forgives is right on the money for me! ...however your hatred of Halloween means were not friends anymore, sorry

  25. I'd never been a horror fan, but the last 3 Octobers I finally binged many of the classic series. Halloween was easily the biggest disappointment. Compared to what is out there, it is a 1-⭐ flick.

  26. Paul Thomas Anderson's movies are mostly boring, unpleasant and unrewarding. completely pretentious directing and camerawork doesn't go well with characters you just despise.

  27. Magnolia is the only PTA film I really stand behind. His taste in what stories he goes for are just so unappealing to me.

  28. Blackhat (especially the director’s cut) is criminally underrated, and is tied for Michael Mann’s best film along with Heat and Collateral.

  29. American Graffiti is George Lucas’s best film and it’s a shame that he never made anything else that wasn’t Star Wars.

  30. I'd have to take some time to think about hot takes about specific films but in a more general sense I think people who read or watch reviews of films they haven't seen and allow that to color their opinion of a film before they've gotten a chance to experience it for themselves and make up their own mind are boring and tedious and kind of missing the point. I try to avoid any kind of review for films I'm particularly excited about and its only after I've watched it that I dig deep into reviews and other people's opinion to see what they felt and all of that good stuff. To do it the opposite way seems so sad to me

  31. I don’t think she is as talented as everyone makes her out to be, but Meryl Streep is a better comedic/even “campy” actress than she is a dramatic actress

  32. How wild is it that something could be become so popular and ubiquitous that saying you don’t like it would be enough to upset most of the internet? It’s such a small slice of what’s out there.

  33. Prob not that hot of a take but I didn’t like Taxi Driver. Y’all overhyped it and that over-expectation definitely made it tank in my eyes

  34. I share your take about nolan he has a potential but there is always something cold about his movies the prestige the one I enjoyed the most from his movies.

  35. If I rated movies purely on my subjective experience, then Taste of Cherry would be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It is so unbelievably soulcrushingly boring that it is one of the most negative experiences I’ve ever had watching movies.

  36. Steven Soderbergh is a pretty mediocre director. Only film of his I've truly liked is Oceans 11. Granted I've yet to see Sex, Lies and Videotapes and Traffic from his most highly regarded films. I've seen around 10 of them, the Che films bored me to the core for example.

  37. I always feel like his stuff is undercooked. Kimi, Side Effects, Haywire, Logan Lucky, No Sudden Move all could have been better. Or far better. Though I liked them. Or some. I think Oceans 11 is one of his few thoroughly made films from beginning to end. He said before it that he didn't know if he could do a pacey heist film, like does he have the skills, maybe he tried harder, the editing is fantastic with the music. Very slick, so few do it better.

  38. I enjoyed the film a lot until De Niro's character does...some terrible thing repeatedly. By then I just hated every character and thought "why am I watching this?"

  39. I'm not sure if I think it's bad, but I don't like it very much. I feel it's one of Leone's weaker films. It feels like a bloated generic mob movie with a protagonist that happens to be both unlikable and bland. The tone is quite odd as well.

  40. Pixar is just ok. Like, their movies aren’t bad, but I never have any desire to rewatch them. I think Studio Ghibli is much better.

  41. Federico Fellini's 8½ is a self indulgent bore fest. Who cares about this pompous protagonist and the crisis of the Catholic Church's role in modern society.

  42. Galaxy of Terror is a good movie. Sure, the slug monster scene is tasteless but the overall vision of the movie is really cool. It’s THE best Alien ripoff and helped give us James Cameron.

  43. Michel Franco is discount Haneke and yet he is still one of my favorite directors. People fucking hate him, and I get it. He’s said some stupid stuff and his films are very intense. But I love his writing and direction, with that naturalism I adore from Haneke.

  44. V for Vendetta is the worst «good» movie I’ve seen. It comes across as super corny and self important to me, I don’t see the appeal at all.

  45. Boondock Saints somehow despite itself is an ok movie. It's pretty funny at times and very quotable. Plus Willem DaFoe being amazing.

  46. Return of the Jedi is the second best of the original sequel. Star Wars is third. (They're all very good! I just believe in this ranking.)

  47. a clockwork orange is a really dumb movie. Meaning not smart or of any depth or value (besides the cinematography by Alcott) in the slightest.

  48. The tragedy of Macbeth is the best movie to come out in years and so far haven’t seen anything after it come close

  49. I don't know how most people feel any Guillermo Del Toro, but his films aren't that great. Pan's Labyrinth is his best, and that one is just ok.

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