DeSantis says Congress should act if Apple follows through on Elon Musk claims and bans Twitter from App Store. So the party that decries government interference in the free market wants to force a business to do something?

  1. Florida Man here : Can confirm that DeSantis doesn't give two craps about the whole "limited government interference" principle on ANY level. He's passed a handful of Un-Constitutional laws down here that dictate what individual people and corporations can and can't do. If he makes it into the White House we're right fooked.

  2. Citations Needed Episode 157: How the “Culture War” Label Is Used to Trivialize Life-and-Death Economic Issues

  3. Don't forget his law that bans any cities in Florida from transitioning to green energy, or instituting a single use plastics tax/fee, or protecting their coasts from major cruise lines and pollution from sunscreen

  4. Small govts mean concentration of all power in the hands of the few. Bringing about the new age of feudalism, with serfs and the privileged few, their status and lack of social mobility codified and set in stone. Unfortunately for such advocates, closed systems like that explode when internal pressure to reform builds up. Unfortunately for everyone involved, these events are exceptionally violent and destructive.

  5. Deathsantis, ladies and gentlemen. As someone from central Florida I hope that fucker rots. I have parents and friends in this industry, and nuking Disney's local administration would slap us with a multi-billion-dollar bill for his arrogance. All to further what? A hateful cause that specifically targets me. And that's when he's not sending goons with guns to harass people for being honest about COVID.

  6. 2022 - Raegan's party complains about military spending against the Russians as a former KGB agent attempts to expand their borders back towards USSR levels.

  7. Largely agree - it’s the hypocrisy that gets me. Even look at Trump passing the 2017 tax act, that reduced corporate taxes and increased national deficit, in a hot economy.

  8. Homeboy made it illegal for businesses to enforce vaccine requirements in Florida. He loves government interference more than I love taffy. And I'm a man who enjoys his taffy.

  9. He also cut government tax benefits to Disney as a form of retribution for them speaking out against things he supported. He’s a bad dude all around.

  10. He just changed the laws in Florida to keep University presidential searches secret. Then had his hand picked campaign donor select Ben Sasse (senator from Nebraska with shit higher ed credentials) as the new president.

  11. You might say that they are fundamentally not hypocritical: they very clearly espouse and live by their core values: dishonesty, racism, anti-science, anti-democracy, anti-environment, misogyny, misanthropy, and greed. They've been like this long before Trump realized he could exploit them for it.

  12. Conservatives: "keep government out of business, the gays can go to their own bakery! Free speech for me! N-word, LGBTQ attack, Jews own the world;. Freedom baby!"

  13. Old Governor Mike Pence pulled this crap in Indiana with his Freedom of Religion law to enable religious discrimination. He found every corporation in the country, including the NFL immediately boycotting Indiana. The backlash was immense and intense. That man was never going to stand for reelection in Indiana after that stunt. The Culture War is red meat for knuckledraggers.

  14. Their weakness is their self-evident retreat into victim-playing. It's as pathetic as it is predictable. I'm sure somewhere in the global free market is a platinum binky big enough to soothe giant baby Elon's self-inflicted wounds.

  15. He trying to schmooze Musk. Musk is a sucker for stuff like this. Musk is also inconsistent in his logic, he'll decry censorship, then ban critics accounts in the same breath.

  16. Ron DeSantis would have no problem with black and gay people being denied service at hotels/restaurant because the government shouldn't get involved with things like that

  17. I was legitimately relieved to hear that Trump intended to run in ‘24 because that makes me fairly confident DeSantis won’t run. DeSantis is actually competent. That’s what makes him dangerous.

  18. My parents at Thanksgiving were raving about desantis. They think he's great. They're from Indiana. Not even Florida.

  19. The Conservative government is simultaneously so large it controls every facet of society while also being so small it fits inside your bedroom and uterus.

  20. They are unable to even describe what that means. It's like a bunch of brainwashed robots reading from a script.

  21. This is because most Republican politicians can’t do anything but tweet. It would damage their whole brand. Honestly, Apple could easily leave it on the App Store and just not advertise on Twitter and it would still sink. Elon wants Twitter to be like 4 Chan? Fine. It will be as profitable.

  22. Apple can’t just leave Twitter on their App Store because Apple is a global corporation and will get hit with massive fines due to being out of compliance with EU regulations. If Apple needs to cut Twitter off from the App Store, they will and there’s nothing DeSantis can do to stop them.

  23. Better way of putting it was Disney, after much public pressure, said a new Florida law banning talking about Gay people in the classroom was bad. DeSantis retaliated by threatening to revoke a special deal Disney had with the state that saved the state millions of $.

  24. Is there any legal standing that they can compel a company to do business with other companies?? It seems like he’s just faking throwing red meat to his base but it’s just nothing.

  25. The problem is that with the many judges Trump has appointed and a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican President could make the law largely irrelevant.

  26. If anything Twitter's app violates Apple's content moderation among other things. This is going down the same path as "Truth Social" went down on Android/Google's app store.

  27. From the article: DeSantis said the billionaire was "actually opening it up for free speech" and was "restoring a lot of accounts that were unfairly and illegitimately suspended for putting out accurate information about COVID."

  28. Even more to the point, if someone can’t get on Twitter without the app, the should definitely not be using Twitter.

  29. How many necklaces do you think DeSantis goes through with all his clutching of pearls in mock outrage?

  30. Of course. They may say they want freedom, what they really want is the government to control everyone their way

  31. What exactly could Congress do? First of all, good luck getting that razor thing GOP house to pass such a horseshit bill. And would absolutely die in Senate. And what would the law even say ? “aPpPlE mUsT dO buSiNeSs wiFf eLoN mAhhhhh wE AnGrY!” ?

  32. Apple (an American tech bastion) being attacked by America first goons because they don't want to associate with a South African rich kid only because he simps for a Russian agent. Can we be done with the bath salts already?

  33. FL resident here - we are all screwed if this man (Can I call him that? He did ban pronouns) is elected president in 2024.

  34. DeSantis is such a fucking stooge. He's totally in over his head. His bullshit only works in Florida. I want to watch him and Trump destroy themselves fighting for the GOP vote.

  35. The two prospective frontrunner Republican candidates for president are this goon, and that other goon eating with neo-nazis... JFC...

  36. They’re not the party against government interference except when they’re not the ones doing it

  37. Duh, they’re not the party of small government. They’re the party of screaming fascists who don’t want to listen to anyone else. Just a party of screeching whining little toddlers throwing their shit at everyone else screaming “I’M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!!!!!!”

  38. Yes, that's how fascists work. For it or against it only ever depends on whether it's currently useful to you or not. There are no principles.

  39. WTF is happening to the Republican Party? I know we joke about this show jumping the shark but it's getting to the point where there are not enough sharks in the Atlantic and the Pacific.

  40. Desantis is the king of government interference - interfering in local school board funding based on masks, interfered with vaccine restrictions foreign cruise ships wanted to implement, interfered with Disney’s control of land in a move that will cost the florida taxpayers a billion dollars, the list goes on and on. Desantis only cares about government interference when he can use it as an attack on his enemies.

  41. If a bakery in Colorado can choose its customers and not bake a cake for a day couple... Then Apple can pick who they want as customers too.

  42. Fascists eventually nationalize companies when they find them to no longer be useful, and then they staff the company (or what's left of it) with party loyalists.

  43. They see the value in preserving Elon Musk's temperamental hold over popular media and don't want it to fail, because it can then be used to control.

  44. Government forcing corporations to do things in the parties interests? Isn’t there a word for that?

  45. This is the guy who pushed for a law to prevent companies from requiring racial sensitivity training. He doesn't give a shit about free speech or free markets.

  46. Congress can’t and he knows it. It’s just filing up the GOP into feeling excluded for their beliefs. Rage politics works with them.

  47. DeSantis is a fascist that is vastly more competent at working the levers of government than donnie and that should scare the hell out of normal sane Americans.

  48. To be clear this is because Twitter have abandoned privacy and content safety considerations (despite saying otherwise), to the point that they’re probably not in compliance with government regulations in many different jurisdictions.

  49. I really wish the media would do their job and realize Republicans have always been hypocrites. This is not shocking to anyone who hasn’t paid attention

  50. Elon also calls DeSantis a “free speech” advocate despite his signing an anti-protest law and anti-woke law which used the government to limit speech.

  51. What is this? A California company decides that it does not want another California company that is owned by the man from Mars that's eating cars on their technology is being chastised by Florida man and Florida man wants the Federal Government to step in to Wah-Wah about it. Why?

  52. Desantis loves hate speech and misinformation so much, he’s willing to interfere in corporate business to protect it.

  53. It’s the gay couple and the bakery all over again… except Ron Desantis and Elon Musk are the gay couple this time, so they want a different outcome.

  54. I have a small consulting business for Data Science/AI services. If we choose to advertise on Twitter, but then later choose to scale back or stop advertising, what kind of threats, insults, and harassment can we expect from Musk and the Musk mob?

  55. No big surprise there. Fascists want their views to be the only acceptable one, nothing else. "Free speech" is just a buzzword used to get there.

  56. That would be a complete and utter waste of taxpayer money, much like the House Select Committee for the Investigation of Butter Emails on Hunter Biden's Laptop.

  57. Yes. And desantis’s cheerleaders loved it when he attacked Disney. Meanwhile they don’t want the dems “picking winners and losers”.

  58. The man that signed the "Don't Say Gay" bill, limiting Floridian's speech, is angry that Apple is limiting Twitter's free speech . . .

  59. Only the GOP could push away a business with cash reserves greater than most countries’ GDP. All because it’s not their’s.

  60. Ron DeSantis is the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in the world. If he wins the presidency, the free world is over.

  61. It gives credence to the simulation theory. I swear these NPC’s spawn from nowhere and then quietly fade away to appear out of no where to annoy others.

  62. It's really crazy how it's basically like 100% of Republicans will always throw away their most cherished ideals the second it doesn't suite them.

  63. It's a bit of theater. He knows that it's a non-issue but the mouth breathers who worship both him and musky are baying for some kind of win. Not even worth clicking submit.

  64. It's never been about free market or small government... It's always been about regulating things they don't like because they want to be in control or benefit from capitalism at the expense of everyone else.

  65. Hasn't Apple done this in the past with many times with other software? Like they violate some requirements and get taken off.

  66. Funny how quickly all those campaign goals have disappeared like a fart in the wind. Economy, inflation, etc. Nope, now we're talking about Twitter. We're doomed.

  67. I genuinely hope to see a new age of Democrats with far sharper teeth, because I am fucking sick of Republican bullshit.

  68. The year is 2025. Florida has just emerged as being the single largest mass of land ever to be removed by space laser technology. From his balcony, Elon calls, “Big Daddy Trumpy Don! That space laser was cool, right?” Just beyond the open, wispy, sheer, curtain liners of the 40 foot, sliding door layout, Trump softly affirms, his thigh-high, white robe gently lapping in the light breeze, “The kewlesht, babe.” The draw of a cigar illuminating an already amber hued perfect man scowl the weight of which could level the grumpiest of men. Was this what happiness felt like? Hi. My name is Ron DeSantis and this is my story. Now I’ve heard lots of folks say it’s a story of greatness, but to me… well… it’s just your basic love story. A love story about three, heterosexual, white males falling in love with ourselves.

  69. There are people who laws protect and don't apply to, and people who laws apply to but don't protect.

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