Best player this season?

  1. Raphinha has to be it. Shown incredible spirit and work rate throughout the season while enduring some fairly bullshit criticism during his slight form dip from his own fans. Scored and contributed more than anyone else in attack and his scenes in the away end at Brentford has to be the one enduring image that I'll remember from this season forever. He looked so happy and the fans showed him great love as well.

  2. The thing to remember about that picture is that Raphinha has a clause in his contract that lets him move on for peanuts if we're relegated. So in a sense, going down would actually be good for him, in that it would simplify and expedite his move to Barcelona.

  3. Very well said. Also, as someone else has pointed out, Ralph’s form dips coincided with the whole teams form dipping, but was never just his own. Personally, I think his quality actually stayed pretty much the same all season, but the players around him let him down - not getting onto/finishing his passes, not finding him when he’s in space, not being able to keep up with his play….the list goes on.

  4. Raph is the obvious choice. Top scorer and it's obvious from watching that he's a class above most of the others.

  5. Harrison's numbers are a bit deceptive though. He was amazing against West Ham but in a lot of games he's scored in or got assists he hasn't played brilliantly. I was also looking over prem stats the others day and he ranks very highly for midfielders who lost duels and lost the ball.

  6. Raphinha is in a different quantum reality. Most of the times he has looked poor it’s because players who were responding to his runs and linking with him last year have been all over the place this year.

  7. Don't know if you watched That Highlights Reel but it's basically 50% Raph delivering killer through balls into dangerous space plus sad clown honking noises as other teammates' first touch/anticipation/composure lets them down and nothing comes of it.

  8. Mmm I think it's easy to over hype a keeper whenever they make a fantastic save, but Mesliers made a couple of poor errors, and a few goals he could have done better. Don't get me wrong, in some games he's been fantastic match winning, but other keepers make just as good saves. Few more years and he'll be fantastic

  9. If I'm honest for me it has to be Meslier as he has been outstanding every game. Where Raph has excelled but has gone missing a few times imo

  10. It’s got to be Raph, he’s just a touch of class and at times our only outlet. Although performance of the season might be Ayling vs Wolves or Harrison vs West Ham.

  11. Raphinha is our best quality player. He would also be in that conversation on any team in the premiership. He needs the surrounding talent, like the Brazil squad, to fully shine.

  12. Agreed, he's made some really bad mistakes this season. He's young and is gaining experience. But he's also been put in positions he shouldn't have been and made great decisions. I don't think anybody has been consistent this season. So for me, it's Meslier. Last season I probably would have said Ayling or Dallas.

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