what’s going on?!

  1. For many folks, elected office is just a platform for running a GoFundMe. Trump gave a lesson if grift with the "

  2. I'm just going to use this post as an opportunity to remind you that Puerto Rico is a US territory and historically has been neglected in times of hurricane need. I believe this is simply because of racism

  3. PR, like all of the US “territories” is there to be exploited, not supported as if it were “a part of the US or something…”

  4. US has colonies but instead calls them territories to make sure the mainlanders stay believing in the benevolent free democratic USA. US is imperialist as heck with better propaganda than the UK but still most of the outsiders know the truth.

  5. Considering DeSantis track record with other relief funds, this seems a bit suspicious. I’m no expert, and would love insight/additional sources. Definitely think that fleecing people using a natural disaster is abhorrent, on whatever level but esp in leadership—and it seems that this is what’s going on (?)

  6. In my experience, they'll sigh and wish a more honest Republican would come along and promise to ban gay people but without being horrifically corrupt.

  7. I think his play is to starve FL of resources and disaster aid and blame it all on biden and the Democrats. The GOP and uninformed voter leaning right will eat it up no questions asked. Wouldn't be the first time their voting base lapped up blatant lies.

  8. Biden activated emergency services the day before IAN hit. If federal aid isn't getting through, perhaps state agencies need to be looked at.

  9. I mean we all knew this was going to happen. We knew the coasts of Florida will get torn up due to climate change. And we know decades of Republican leadership have done nothing to prepare for it. I don’t understand how anyone lives there, they must be in denial or are too poor to leave.

  10. Aside from the grift, DeSantis is planning on running for President as a Republican which means he can’t take federal assistance because it will actually hurt him with the GOP primary voters.

  11. Terrible. But people voted for incompetent government and got incompetent and seemingly corrupt government so not surprising.

  12. Not all voted for him. And even if they voted for him they need help. This a no win situation for anyone.

  13. This is the same logic that liberals use when they say, "let the south secede." Umm, nah? Millions of people live there who don't agree with the current government.

  14. Reminds me of when the earthquakes hit Mexico hard five years ago and in the devastation left in their wake, people banded together like never before to help and despised all attempts from political parties from being protagonists.

  15. This seems very banana republic-y, the first thing that came to mind was the criminal mismanagement of a cyclone that eventually led to the Burmese junta being (temporarily) forced out of power. The hell is this legal?

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