Sold my reliable Honda Civic and bought this. Couldn’t be happier!

  1. As for tuning the V8, conventional wisdom has it that after about 80k the cams are getting tired. Stick a nice big high-torque cam in with a new cam chain set and tappets.

  2. Lower temp thermostats are normally used to cover problems,landrover developed this engine & thermostat to match,all it will do is open at lower temp,not going to stop it overheating,this lwr temp thermostat is a load of rubbish,in real life,what does it achieve

  3. When you say you couldn’t be happier, you mean you’ve had it how long? Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948. I’d like to have one too, I have had them and loved them. Now, I’ve got both a C-RV and a Hilux. Safety in numbers!

  4. Maintenance maintenance & more maintenance I had a wooduck rock up in a 011 rrs with 3.0 v6 dsl,he complained he had real heavy steering I pop the bonnet,I smell extremely hot coolant,i look & main serpentine belt is shredded & tangled in fan that wouldn't turn,this idiot must've of done a service in 3years,the active suspension pump(ace replacement) was bone dry & was fubar,all oil had leaked everywhere,no belt,no water pump,engine was very hot,so from not doing anything about a leaky hydraulic hose,letting the belt wear to point there was nothing left,means new waterpump,new active pump &3 miles of hydraulic lines,new fan + viscous hub & module,not sure iff heads have come off yet but a $7000+ bill could of been avoided iff simple maintenance is applied,i told the asian guy,this car is un drivable & has to go on a tow truck,another $200,& iff needs new hoses that will be another 3k+ OP,maintenance,you can buy all your parts at

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