Which Freelander 2 do you find to be the best looking out of the 3 versions (original, first facelift, second facelift)? Check image description.

  1. First facelift would be my choice, helped my dad buy one (SD4 XS) a few years ago and it has been great. Second facelift looks good too, not much difference really.

  2. Images wouldn’t load for me! So I choose the black loading image! As it’s better than all 3 pig ugly freelander 2 variants!

  3. Someone correct me please, but I’m very certain we never got the second facelift in South Africa, and I’m uncertain if we even got the first facelift?

  4. The third one for me. I’ve got a Discovery Sport so I’m kind of partial to that one for looking like the predecessor to my vehicle. Plus it’s got the same front going on as the newest LR4 which I think is one of the best looking LRs ever made.

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