Would Rufus Sewell get any love here?

  1. Is that show any good? I’ve been wanting to watch it, I watched the first episode a while back but was a little bored, I know sometimes these shows start off slow.

  2. YES. I fell in love with him when I was young and saw A Knight's Tale. He was so evil and creepy and hot. I love his eyes. Because he has one lid that is droopier than the other, and that gorgeous green color, idk it works for me, it's intense.

  3. If you mean “have you ever felt guilty for slobbering over Rufus Sewell while watching Man in the High Castle?” then the answer is yes, yes I have.

  4. Yes! During my early 20s this dude in eye liner lived forever in my brain 😍, I need to watch that adaptation again, wish it was on a streaming service

  5. The sexual tension between him (as Lord Melbourne) and Victoria in "Victoria" made for some damn good TV. Just sayin'.

  6. He would totally IF I could get past thinking of him as Jasper. So no. I shall not swayed by his pretty face.

  7. Loved Dangerous Beauty! One of the few times, he played the romantic lead. Although, still a very charismatic villain.

  8. My MIL is super into British TV and just LOVES him. I do too, but I always get a little flustered when she talks about how attractive she finds him. 😅

  9. I think his breakout role might've been 1994's 'Middlemarch' - he was an astoundingly excellent Will Ladislaw (look him up - you will NOT regret it - as luscious and passionate as depicted in the novel), and I loved him so much as Melbourne in 'Victoria' (the show was pretty, but ... once Melbourne exited stage left, there wasn't much narrative oomph left in the engine room). His twitter is also worth following - he's a smart, sharp guy, wicked sense of humour.

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