No one compares to Cillian Murphy

  1. He’s face is just perfection. And I also live the voice. My crazy ass actually watches the first part of red eye and reimagine it as a romance.

  2. I remember going "woah" after he shaved on 28 Day Later. He had my full attention after that scene.

  3. Everyone thirsting on here should watch “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”. He’s amazing in it, the movie is truly incredible but that Irish accent 🤤

  4. Sunshine is a fantastic movie. The horror aspect was kind of out of place to me, but even still I loved it. Great cast and amazing soundtrack.

  5. I could watch him open his cigarette case and light one up like a million times and it would never get old (Peaky Blinders)

  6. He is so sexy, powerful and scary in Peaky Blinders! Just got into it and he is amazing! Love how he plays that character.

  7. I always found him intriguing to look at but he wasn't at the top of my list,, but then I watched Peaky Blinders and now I find him ridiculously attractive. That voice, and that swagger as Tommy Shelby is just devastating.

  8. TRUE FUCKING STORY!!!!! At the beginning of the pandemic, when the March 2020 shutdown occurred here in the states both my roommate & I were stuck home and, for the first time in a very long time- sharing the same schedule. So one afternoon he's browsing some streaming services for a flick for us to watch while I'm in the bathroom. I miss the opening credits & film title, just a scene following this woman, dressed in what appears to be 1950-1960s garb in middle America & her daily routine. I am automatically MESMERIZED I mean it!! All of a sudden I'm hit with this ethereal beauty and I can't help and start to think, "Oh shit!! This is it!! Now I know why it's always felt " off" with me and my male partner relationships-its cause I'm fucking gay!!!!" My heart is POUNDING in my chest! I can't swallow, can't breathe hell I can BARELY think till the next scene of the movie comes. Cue this beautiful bastard, peeling off both the dress & wig- to then don a suit & tie and live the " respectible" life expected by his community. TL; DR Cillan Murphy Catfished me into thinking I genuinely might be a lesbian just by performing in a feminine presenting role. Jic anyone wanted to know- the movie is " Peacock" and also features Elliot Page pre- transition. A beautiful film, by the by. Edit 1: while, I cannot say this was my water shed moment, it wasn't too long after that I realized & told my trusted friends and family that I was bisexual.

  9. He's really cute in Batman Begins and Disco Pigs... even if the characters he played (respectively) in those films aren't really cute otherwise lol

  10. He looked so fucking hot in peaky blinders, The way he smoked, the way he picked up his whisky glass. And they way he talked. He can nail any role. Still remember his inception wala role 🤤

  11. Idk why but I never found him hot :/ his face did intrigue me but I couldnt pinpoint what it was. Then it happened. He shaved his sides and became Mr. Shelby and that was it. No turning back lol 🫶🏼

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