What song has to be heared on LSD?

  1. Imo it’s even better if you play Breathe(in the air) then Time. Then again dark side of the moon is pretty much a no skip so I guess you draw that line wherever lol.

  2. The clocks at the beginning are fuckin brutal. On another note, I stg listening to pink Floyd while tripping seems less like music and more like the sound of life in all its mysterious glory.

  3. highly recommend dogs by pink floyd. it’s so heavenly every time i listen to it now i get crazy trip flashbacks. amazing song.

  4. It's like... The personification of the struggle of mental health in my brain. So much strife in the song. So much back and forth. Grief and hope. Frustration and apathy, near the threshold of giving up. Then back, with force. The fight rages again. Goosebumps every time. My brain twitches.

  5. This literally happened to me on Saturday. Listened to Abbey Road while tripping, once Here Comes the Sun came on I burst into happy tears

  6. I listened to Here Comes the Sun once and I can still feel what I think sitting at a protest in the 60s might have felt like. It was insane.

  7. Came here looking for this exact comment No Quarter was the first song my friend played the first time I tripped and it changed my life lol

  8. Tool is just godly how all their tunes sound amazing on acid. I was lucky enough to see them a few months ago on a few tabs and damn it was insane

  9. watched the no place id rather be for the first time while on a solo trip and like pretty sure it made me cry lol

  10. the whole lonerism album start to finish is my soundtrack for tonight’s trip!!! also planning on watching the wave house innerspeaker live video :’)

  11. West Coast Pop Art Experimental band is a fucking trip when you're sober. Their songs are beautiful, trippy rollercoasters with a random drunk guy yelling in the background. Listen to Leila or Help I'm a Rock. Love that band. Cauldron is another band from that time that you KNOW they were fucked up writing those songs lol

  12. Bro I watched that music vid the other day and apparently they are using a massive VXR stage and so it’s just her and a camera and a screen behind her instead of a bunch of CGI. Makes it even more mind blowing to watch 😂😂😂

  13. Whilst a beautiful song that can be enjoyed on the drug, the song is about Syd Barrett's life after over indulging in LSD, and how ultimately it ruined his life, though the dimming star still shines on

  14. Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain from Cornell University 1977 by the Grateful Dead. Mind Blowing. You have to listen to both songs in a row though because it's especially just one song irl.

  15. Good news by mac Miller, my cousin showed me the music video while we were tripping and Oh my god not only is the song really good but the visuals are amazing as well

  16. Have you heard thundercat’s cover? It’s from the minions rise of gru soundtrack lol but it’s so fire.

  17. Grateful Dead PNW tour '73-'74 opens with China Cat Sunflower and transitions right in to I Know You Rider and it's a blast.

  18. You know how wacky people can be! On May 14th 2015 in Boke, Germany, 748 members of the Cologne Carnival Society dressed up in sunflower outfits. This is the largest gathering of people known to have dressed up as sunflowers.

  19. Ribs by Lorde was the first song I ever listened while tripping and it’s been one of my favourite songs since then.

  20. I've been listening to them again lately because I'm going to see them in September! But yeah any Gorillaz album is solid while tripping. I know I'm taking a couple tabs the night I go see them!

  21. 'Several species of small furry animals gathered in a cave and grooving with a Pict.' Pink Floyd, Ummagumma.

  22. Pinball Wizard by The Who caught me by surprise on the radio once upon a trip, and I’ve always suggested it since. It’s definitely groovy

  23. Listen to Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band album...start to finish close your eyes and visualize it...its fucking awesome and that's coming from someone who isn't a huge Beatles fan.

  24. The whole album magic mystery tour and Sergent pepper lonely heart club band. This 2 been my go there is also strange brew by cream. Those beatles albums are the ones the were tripping acid on so it's like for us while we are tripping. Within u with out u at the peak go kinda hard ngl.

  25. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed I listen to separator and give up the ghost by radiohead back to back. It has a bunch of dope natural nature and bird sounds in both the tracks and has brought to some real serene and trippy places.

  26. These are speedcore and extratone tracks. Music like this played at decent sound system makes very "thick" visual effects. Synesthesia... Mrrr...

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