[WIP] SALT Kusanali Weapons/Artifacts/Constellations Calculations 🧂

  1. Very interesting that Magic Guide performs so well - or at least, the other weapons do not perform so well compared to it. Makes me wonder if they're going to buff her signature weapon a bit during the beta.

  2. So we got another Albedo situation then, where you can just start with 3* weapon to be safe. I wouldn't be surprised if they give us a 4* event weapon soon after that will work good on her, just like albedo.

  3. Magic Guide being that good is... interesting. I assume this is with 100% passive uptime though? How much damage do we lose from not having the passive?

  4. Why so obsessed with magic guide. If you only have magic guide you are probably very new player else you have good 4 star options

  5. I’m surprised there’s no calcs for off-field Nilou support. I’ve been thinking about going EM/EM/Crit for it because it puts me well over 1k EM with Key and Collei c4 plus dendro resonance.

  6. Frankly because it's like doing calcs for Raiden support. You can DO it, it's not even that bad, but you're ignoring a major part of her potential, and it doesn't really change the calculation anyway

  7. Surprised me that R5 Widsith is almost on par with R5 solar pearl for Onfiled Quicken buffed comp. The BP weapon solely designed for NA catalyst users.

  8. at R1 Evenstar is about the same as mappa R1, slightly worse than Widsith R1. R5 Magic guide is still better

  9. I'm seeing the term A4 being used. May be a dumb question, but what does A4 stand for and similar terms like that mean?

  10. There's a note on R5 magic guide about why. Basically, unless she really wants the ER, R5 magic guide is just gonna be a better fruit

  11. It was tough reading tbh.. solar pearls seems like a really good option for her. Even better then widsit. And 3x EM seem best in most situations.

  12. The EM is much lower compared to magic guide, and the passive seems irrelevant to dendro reactions. So it's not a good option.

  13. Can someone Razor language if I should use widsith or sac frags? I want to use her with cyno and it's difficult to find good guides that aren't overly complicated 🥺

  14. She's best as driver for her own team, but with Cyno you want to use R5 Magic Guide, Guilded Dreams, and whatever artifacts it takes to get her to 1000 EM not counting her burst. Once you're there, start adding crit, and if you have hydro on team, run her with Deepwood instead

  15. So let's say I'm running nahida as a dps with magic guide/lost prayers, 4pc gilded, team is dendro traveller with deepwood, kuki with 4pc tenacity, for my 4th member, I'm thinking between mona/yae, should I go with mona for hyperbloom or go for yae and stick with a full quicken reaction team

  16. I'd say either Yae or anemo, to get even more aggravates. You already have heals and Atk buffs, Mona could lower the quicken aura !

  17. I'm lost, is there a build where Thousand Dreams or Kagura's Verity are BiS for Nahida? I need to pull for a 5* bow :/

  18. Thousand dreams is her bis. However the increase is so minor that it's not really worth going for. Also C0 Nahida with magic guide will be more than enough to clear abyss. If you really want to whale for Nahida, her C2 is a much stronger investment than her weapon.

  19. Following. I can see how this would be a viable choice for on-field Nahida since it causes her elemental damage to increase over time.

  20. Does the Magic Guide effect work for quicken teams? Wouldn't enemies be constantly affected by the quicken aura and cause electro to just vanish on an aggravate?

  21. I got R3 wandering evenstar trying to get xiphos (did not get xiphos, lesson learned, don’t chase 4-star weapons), if I run nahida with atk% scaling characters (ie. not yelan) does it get better than R5 Magic Guide for overall team dps?

  22. Thank you for the hard work! I was hoping to see some numbers related to her c6 but I understand it's still too early, great job nonetheless.

  23. Thank you for this. I assumed correctly that EM/DD/CD is best for on-field (for now), artifacts are only slightly surprising - thought 2p/2p would be better than 4p dreams, the biggest surprise is magic guide being her best F2p choice.

  24. Curious to how they calculated C1. Was it assuming a rainbow team? Or did they just take the average gains from all possible variations? Because an aggravate team would see more benefit than a burgeon team for example, as Nahida would gain the stage 1 Pyro buff she otherwise would not have gotten.

  25. Wasn't it confirmed that it doesn't work that way? Only counts elements in team +1? The way its worded: "Elemental Types of the party members are being tabulated" at least implies so?

  26. C1 doesn’t really do that much; it’s more like a step to c2 than a significant constellation. Go for her weapon unless you have a spare kaguras verity floating around.

  27. If you wanna put deepwood on another character than don’t put it on a character that does significant dps (like xingqiu fischl yelan beidou yae etc.), put it on someone who’s support (like zhongli diona dori etc.), a lot of the time you won’t have someone else to use deepwood on and that’s fine too. Besides, compared to someone like xingqiu nahida will use deepwood better because she can use the 2pc effect.

  28. holy crap this is exactly what I needed. Much appreciated for all the work mates. This is comprehensive, straightforward to understand after taking a second to actually read the notes, and makes it clear what I will want for her. Big love to all of ya.

  29. Hey! I'm going for c2 r1, if I don't bother switching artifacts every time i switch her team what is the most generally good artifact main stats? Em/em/crit, em/em/em or em/dendro/crit? And gilded Dreams still right with another character holding the other set?

  30. i dont think she will work that well with tighnari, i mean what good interaction does she have with tigh except dendro reso?

  31. You can try Yae Miko, Kusanali, Fischl, and a healer like kokomi/Barbara for a hyperbloom team, or you can run Kuki instead of Fischl, or go triple Electro.

  32. Let's just pretend for a moment that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed - What weapon would be better for Nahida in Nilou team? Wandering Evenstar or Sacrificial Fragments? Fragments passive is practically useless on her, but it have bigger EM than Star.

  33. What is her best team comp? I have seen quicken/aggravate teams are gonna work fine, I also saw melt ganyu,… but it is not clear to me which one is the best option.

  34. Depends on the team. It feels paradoxical, but CV increases in value as you get more, unlike every other stat which decreases (to a point)- you want to run EM/Damage/Crit, or possibly EM/EM/Crit, unless your substats are incredible -just put her on Gilded to make up the EM and put Deepwood Memories on your hyperbloom trigger or low damage support.

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