Inspired by an earlier post about fries, I ask my fellow fry guys and gals and everyone in between... how do you make your French fries?

  1. The way I learned is: punch the fries into 24oz cambros and fill with water, and a splash of lemon juice to prevent oxidation. Let soak overnight. Strain the fries, let sry completely. Blanche in the fryer only at 200°f for 5 minutes. Then finish at 350° for 3 minutes, to order.

  2. I used red potatoes for the high starch content that becomes creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Put them through the potato cutter into buckets of water to prevent oxidation, then strain them out and fry at 270F for 7 minutes and store them. Fry at 375F about 2 minutes to order and season liberally. Great with oregano.

  3. Cut, if not cooking immediately put in water. Blanch fry @ 300°F for 6 minutes - to order @ 350°F till you like, probably another 4-6 minutes taste dependent. Perfect fries man

  4. Back in the day, run them through the die cutter, soak them {5 - 10 minutes} in 5 gallon buckets with water and Sodium Metabisulfate. Drain, lid, mark and store for no longer than 36 hours. Fry to order.

  5. So no blanching? Not sure how easy it would be for me to get sodium metabisulfate but could always talk to my KM

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