Who was your favorite special guest voice?

  1. If her arms worked as hard as her serpent’s tongue, there’d be nary a speck of dust in the entire kingdom!

  2. When I was younger I never got this joke because I didn't really know who Alan Rickman was and just thought it was a guy doing an American accent.

  3. "Hank, how would you like a ride in a hot-air balloon? Hey, I don't need to tell you it's powered by propane."

  4. Chris Rock in Booda Sack's first appearance. I had to go back and watch the Traffic Jam episode after the Will Smith incident

  5. One of my fav episodes considering it being funny then also teaches a solid lesson on freedom of speech. The episodes that do a solid balance of both rise to the top to me

  6. I fucking love that king of the hill and boondocks took some of the blackest MFers in Hollywood and made them white in cartoons, Snoop Dogg as Alabaster on koth and Samuel L Jackson and Charlie Murphy as the white gangsters on Boondocks.

  7. THANK YOU !! “You know, I'm not really here for a free haircut. I'm here because I like to check up on what's happening, what's goin' on, what's now. And I tell you something, baby-doll, you are very now. “

  8. Trace Adkins (Elvin the redneck) playing a character that breaks into a store to steal Trace Adkins CDs was pretty up there in my book

  9. I'm a lifelong fan of the show and reading these comments I never realized half of these people were guest voices! What an insanely awesome list!

  10. You're all wrong, because the correct answer is Chuck Mangione. He was in a lot of great episodes, but also my favorite one where Dale has to get rid of a teenager problem in the Mega-Lo mart, plus the classic line of "Chick Mangione!? I'm not a chick, I'm a dude!"

  11. I know Lucky pretty much became a “regular” character in the later seasons but I love Tom Petty with all my heart so I pick him.

  12. I like how it took having Luanne take the test and show she’s also a genius to prove that it was a scam. Like Jimmy Witcher wasn’t good enough.

  13. I can’t watch that episode without constantly thinking “why the fuck did Randy Travis do this” he’s a thief for like the entire episode

  14. One of my fave episodes. That was a really sweet story for Bill. One of the few episodes where I didn't feel bad for him.

  15. Our kind have always been persecuted by those who understand not. From the Salem Trials of the 1600s to the locker room beatings and bathroom swirlies of today. Tis all one.

  16. The ones I’m seeing everyone forget is Betty White as Hank’s mom’s friend and Christopher Lloyd as the groundskeeper Smitty with his finger pointing and tongue clicks.

  17. This is by far my favorite episode I think. Hank is so oblivious. “I got a whole stable of hoes waiting for me back in the OKC”

  18. Lisa Kudrow…. “Not at stik-tek” she did such a good job portraying one of those types of middle managers that make you want to rage quit

  19. Mike judge must be the most connected, popular dude in Hollywood. I was always so impressed by the A listers KOTH pulled, and while a lot of them were at the peak of their popularity. Like getting Lindsay Lohan on an episode literally in spring of 2004 right after mean girls came out.

  20. It always did feel like celebrities were lining up to be on it. A cultural phenomenon were everyone realized they were being a part of something special.

  21. I always wondered if maybe they just liked the show and asked to be on it. If I were a celebrity, I would want to use my influence to find a way to be a part of my favorite show. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

  22. Kind of like how Seth Greene shows up in robot chicken quite a bit. And family guy just loves sneaking in Seth McFarland the guy who made Ted

  23. Can't even really remember many off of the top of my head, but there's definitely a few that I was like oh wow! haha. KOTH was definitely a cultural phenomenon to some extent and there are a lot of A list cameos. one that does stick out for me is Brad Pitt as Patch Boomhauer.

  24. I probably watched this episode 20 times over the years before I looked at the voice cast list to see that Meryl Streep was the aunt and the Chicks were the sisters.

  25. Was Marion Ross on the show as the old lady who wanted to die at the Hills? 1 Google search tells me Yes she played Ruby Wakefield. She wasn't mentioned above so I wil do so herel. Big ups to Mrs. C!

  26. Yeah, it really sucks that almost everyone hates that episode. Marion Ross is a national treasure and she did a great job with the character.

  27. Chris Rock as Booda Sack was awesome. Although the fact he said Hank's mother's armpits smelt like propane gas was way outta line.

  28. Topher Grace and Danny Masterson from That 70s'Show as the Mega Lo Mart employees when Dale had to exterminate there.

  29. I'm not a Renee Zellweger fan, but I did gain some respect for her voicing Tammy the prostitute...and Snoop Dogg as her pimp!!!!

  30. You’re the first to name her. I think she’s overlooked and most people don’t realize it’s her. Phillys Diller is also one of Hank’s mom’s friends.

  31. John Ritter as the teacher for Quiz Bowl…delivered possibly my favorite line ever, “I’m sorry Bobby when you want change for the vending machine you’re going to have to start going to someone else.”

  32. Watched both parts of “High Anxiety” tonight and I have to say I like Kathleen Turner as ‘Miz Liz”. Also Meryl Streep as Esme in “A Beer Can Named Desire”.

  33. Owen Wilson as the church kid who wants to marry Luann so they can finally have sex lol or Matthew McConaughey as the older dude who seduces Luann and then dumps her.

  34. Holy effing meows. I haven’t seen a whole lot of this show and had no idea. As a lifelong Mike Judge fan I’ll have to check it out! I just finished Silicon Valley and the new Beavis and Butt-Head, which was awesome. He’s still got it! Uh huh huh.

  35. I loved Alan Rickman speak in this over-exaggerated British accent that the Royal Shakespeare company would tell to tone down, and then revert to this spot-on Texan accent. He's good with accents. And he was hammy af.

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