Peggy gets a lot of hate around these parts, andshe arguably deserves it. But what is your all time favorite Peggy line/ moment?

  1. My favorite part of that very favorite line of hers is that, because of the way genders work in Spanish, “embarazadO” actually implies that she is saying she is a pregnant man. Source: After watching this episode, looked this word up; had to ask a Spanish-speaking friend why in the world this was pulling up NOTHING but photoshops of what men would look like if they could get pregnant. After she nearly fell on the floor laughing, she explained the context.

  2. Weird take but I think Peggy’s Spanish is good if she’s speaking it, she just can’t pronounce or understand to save her life. Obviously her Spanish is awful but you have to give her credit as it’s usually much harder to speak a language than to understand it.

  3. "Peggy, drag queens model themselves after strong, substantial, fearless women, women who aren't afraid to wear purple gauchos and MC Hammer glasses, women who only need one name to describe themselves, like Liza, Barbra, and Cher. You, my dear, are simply Peggy."

  4. The episode when she goes to the Boggle tournament. Hank had to set his priorities straight there. Then the episode where she learns that Randy Travis stole her song, and people thought she was being dramatic.

  5. Okay so, if I were Peggy I would have been 10x more pissed about the Randy Travis thing, and it irritates me when people use that as an example of one of her worst episodes. The man STOLE HER LYRICS and ostensibly made a shit ton of money from it!! She had every right to be angry and TP his stupid trailer!

  6. The episode when Bobby joins a team of Wizards (or was it necromancers?) and when her and Hank find out she doesn’t come to his defense as usual, straight up saying something to the extent of “I might be a mother, but I am also a woman and I know girl repellent when I see it. I WANT GRAND CHILDREN! — JUST FIX THIS!!”

  7. Witches of east Arlen. That’s my favorite episode! I love when hank goes to wards house and says “how old are you 30?” “Not even close. I’m 5,000.”

  8. Peggy is actually my favorite character. My favorite moment is when she's explains that the reason why she calls it spa-peggy and meatballs cuz she puts in sugar and just the right amount of parmigiano cheese

  9. She’s not my favorite, but she’s definitely a better character than most others. She has some hilarious lines and while she’s arrogant, she’s more dedicated to her family than just about every other character other than maybe Khan. Even was she does bad things to others, it’s almost always out of care for her family (the testosterone for Hank, getting Lucky to fail his GED).

  10. Scamming the scammer. She's arrogant for sure but I like when things work out for her without needing to be saved by Hank.

  11. That’s probably my favorite Peggy Episode. That and the Boggle one. It is satisfying to see Peggy take Sissy Cobb down a few dozen pegs.

  12. Her birthday "rap" for Bobby is just the right amount of adventurous and egotistical coming together to perfectly capture how embarrassing parents can be. It makes me laugh every time.

  13. I like to think in an alternate universe Peggy and Linda (Bob's burgers) would be related or best friends. And I love Peggy! she is so over confident and sure of herself it's more attuned to arrogance. But she is a loving friend, mother, and wife and she does learn from her mistakes (most episodes). Also, if a character makes you feel a certain way due to their personality or writing as it was intended, the creator probably did a great job. Cersei from GOT, Tony soprano from the sopranos, Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter were all terrible people. And we loved to hate them and see what they would do next.

  14. I’m surprised they didn’t think of going to luanne for more burgers, nor did they tattle LOL. But I like how that episode implied hank is so boring that it seeps into his cooking.

  15. “How stupid can you be? I’m almost 40 for cripes sake! I wrote every teacher in the Arlen yearbook and you were the only sap dumb enough to answer!”

  16. When he's drawing and she says "That's beautiful. Is that me?" and he just replies "It's an apple." It always cracks me up, especially after she hangs it up and it's very clearly an apple. How in the world did she think it was a person?

  17. “bethany, i don’t care if your a-vo-ké-dos (🥑) are hard. LIFE is hard. you can not make authentic gwey-ka-mol (guacamole) out of lima beans and ritz crackers.”

  18. When Hank gets the wrong sex on his driver's License and Peggy says her hair stylist says "she is a lipstick lesbian which is apparently thr best kind". It perfectly show how egotistical she is

  19. The whole story of the terrible anniversary, sky diving, breaking her back and being rehabilitated by Cotton. Then going on to 3-pete the substitute teacher of the year award… is my favorite story line for Peggy.

  20. new to thus sub but been watching koth when it was still new...The hate for Peggy surprises me. Peggy is easily Top 3 character in my opinion. she is hilarious.

  21. When she says the only way to get Hanks attention is to say "Propane" and he turn to look at her instantly. Can never remember what episode tho.

  22. I love when she is making a fool of herself in that Mexican trial for accidentally kidnapping that girl. Her Spanish is so bad, it actually got her off the hook.

  23. "Everything was going great, but then when I tried to motivate him -- that's a management term -- with a little praise -- my term -- he goes plumb loco! -- Spanish term."

  24. She's one of my favorite characters. I love a lot of Peggy Hill episodes. I love how she kicked Leanne's ass, she stood up for Connie to be in the wrestling team, etc.

  25. She has a lot of courage as a teacher. She was the only one who insisted on teaching sex education. She also stood against the whole school district and community on her insistence on giving the football player an actual education. And she led the charge against the school's sexist sports policies and took responsibility for teaching the girls when challenged.

  26. Right? Peggy is kind of a badass and people don’t give her that credit. She’s arrogant at times but so are most people I know. It mostly doesn’t hurt anyone and to be honest I think it’s refreshing to see such a confident mother & female character be so outspoken and comically ignorant without much afterthought while also being a good person. She’s a total favorite of mine. She’s complex!

  27. It baffles me that people expect tv characters to have the straightest possible moral compass in order to be likeable , it’s just a show yeesh.

  28. I will never understand why people don’t like Peggy. So what if she has an unhealthy undeserved sense of confidence. She’s amazing!

  29. Her saving the family farm. And it also has one of the worst moments for her with her mum refusing to even say thank you for saving the farm.

  30. That episode when Bobby is begging for money on the street to pay for jeans, and Peggy and Hank are driving down the street after a bum dirtied their windshield with a bad cleaning job so Hank asks Peggy to stick her head out the window. As they drive by she’s like “I SEE WHY LADYBIRD LOVES THIS! Wooo!” I died laughing.

  31. This might not be a conventional answer, but I liked the part in the Randy Travis episode where Hank is about to eat the brown betty and Peggy is like "HANK DON'T! I made it special for Randy Travis".

  32. “Hank, this is all very simple. You both want to dance with dogs. Right. You each have a dog you can dance with. You take your dog to the garage. You dance with her there. Bobby gets to dance with his dog in his bedroom. Everybody gets to dance with a dog. Everybody wins.”

  33. When she was smuggling cocaine to the “student” in prison as boggle sand, and told the warden “I have never seen this man before in my life, and by that, I mean I was not smuggling him cocaine. What evidence do you have against me?” when she was being blackmailed

  34. I don't know how Peggy can get so much hate. A lot of shows have the wife character be pretty one dimensional or kind of a nag, or wet blanket, or somebody cleaning up her husband's mess.

  35. The train she put in of her face wagging her finger with a sign saying 'no substitutions' while temporarily in charge of sugarfoot's.

  36. I like the episode where Bobby quits the football team to play soccer, and Peggy finds herself among a different crowd in the bleachers. All wearing sweaters and drinking coffee instead of beer. I love it when she loses it and tells off the snobby women and then rejoins the beer swilling football moms.

  37. The people who hate Peggy are so silly. Peggy is supposed to be unlikable/overly confident. That’s the joke. Hating her for being stupidly confident is like hating Dale for being a conspiracy theorist, hating Bill for being a loser, or hating Boomhauer for mumbling.

  38. I recently watched the prison cocaine smuggling episode and forgot how hard she burns the guy who was trying to blackmail her at the end

  39. “You may not have noticed it, because I wear bold eyeglasses to draw the attention to my head, but your mother has exceptionally long and handsome feet.”

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