Here’s a music video I made when I was 13.

  1. It’s funny. I went through pretty much the same phase where I had a YouTube channel and all. I suck at photoshop and video editing in general compared to my old self from a decade ago.

  2. If a big pop star would do something similar for their latest song it would be considered a very original and personal masterpiece.

  3. Maybe ive grown desensitized to the stuff i see online, but im pretty sure this isnt you being "fcking stupid" at all! this is probably a lot more creative than anything ive done at that age. thank you for sharing! i guess youve done more cringe stuff that youve grown the courage to post yourself on here

  4. I was thinking the same thing, at that age i have nothing to show for as far as creativity. Might seem cringe now but probably gave you the experience to be able to know how to edit videos better in the future.

  5. This isn’t really stupid, it’s really high effort and I guess you cared about it if you put all those effects on there.

  6. Reminds me of my daughter. She was doing videos too in her tween years but nothing as polished as yours. Nothing stupid here. As a dad I find it cute.

  7. To be honest, this is impressive. It amazes me what kids can do with tech now days. I'm fairly computer savvy and I'm sure I couldn't create something like that.

  8. You for sure look like the definition of a “young wild girl.” I bet you used to sign your mom’s name on permission slips back then, you rebel.

  9. watching this made me feel like i was watching someone finding out about a thing called "effects" for the first time

  10. Pick any well-known filmmaker and look at the stuff they made when they were 13. Much of it probably looked like this (or worse). I think it's charming. Even if it makes you cringe to look at it now.

  11. I mean you would be bullied because of it, but I found it wholesome, I'd love to see my kid do something creative like that

  12. can I ask what year this was? if you feel better not saying it its fine, just curious to know if these were the "top notch" effects of the time lol

  13. I can understand if you feel embarrassed by this, but really, I think it is quite well done for a 13. year old. I did way cringier stuff that age 😆

  14. It’s so cringe but at the same time that’s like really good editing for back then and at that age! I hope you kept the editing up! You definitely had talent with that, definitely not stupid, cringy, but not stupid.

  15. The editing is very creative! Better than anything I've ever edited honestly, I'm horrible with editing programs

  16. My cousin and I used to make really bad 3d animations around the time flash cartoons were all the rage in the early 2000's. They were terrible but we had a blast.

  17. I wouldn't say it belongs on this subreddit, it was creative, fun, and required some introduction to video editing. When I was 13 I hunted yian kut-ku's

  18. This kind help me coping with the fact I'll never find the video of my brother dancing some popular dance when he was younger, and my cousin doing some vlog about ketchup when She was like 5

  19. Where’s the stupidity? This seems like a talented 13 year old getting into video editing. lol. If OP is the creator, good job. Definitely the wrong sub to put it out on though.

  20. I'll be honest... It's really not that bad, you can see that there went quite a lot of effort in. I kinda like it, not gonna lie

  21. We all saw how many video effects the program had, and we all wanted to try them all out. I made videos that didn’t even make sense to have a transition in them just because I wanted to put that one in

  22. Honestly, this just makes me miss being a kid. Looks like you were having a blast haha, I’ve got major respect for anyone who can laugh at themselves. We are all cringe sometimes 😂

  23. I recognize a Video Star video when I see one. Wish I could find all my cringey videos I made but I think they got lost in the void.

  24. I don’t know! It seems pretty creative to me. Given the technology available, I think you were pretty good at video editing. And it looked like you were having fun. Super cute video

  25. If that's nat hair congrats on getting it that long. I'm not gonna hate on a kid being stupid because this is nowhere near as cringe as I got!

  26. reminds me of that one app that came before tiktok and musically, what was it called again? i believe the logo was a star.

  27. I had to get used to it, but in all honesty, I didn't even hate it in the end haha. There is a consistent style which screems amateur, but hey, for a 13 year old it was actually pretty decent haha. Thanks for sharing :D

  28. This isn’t stupid, it’s silly, it’s fun and while you probably shouldn’t post something like this as an adult you should never stop having fun like this. :] Maybe make a more improved version (if this is I. Your line of study).

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