How do I train at home without gear

  1. Yeah I already do running. The annoying part is that nothing will probably happen and practically I am safe from it, but it's just an indurrance thing. Boxing isn't healthy for anyone :/

  2. Honestly, I feel for you. I would hate to have to go through that. Wanting to train in the gym but both your doctor and the gym don't want a liability, plus for your safety of course. Nothing worse then not being able to do the things you enjoy. I don't know the specifics to your diagnosis so I'm just curious, can you not get your doctor to write you a modified training letter? Just to do bag work and pad work. No sparring or technical sparring, drills on each other with gloves and shin guards.

  3. Yeah I've asked the gym and they're talking about it now. The annoying part is that it is just a small tumor that had to be removed and that I will probably not get injured by punches. It's just an insurrance thimg

  4. You kind of can’t. Or at least you can’t train specifically for kickboxing past just shadow boxing. But the good news is you can totally endurance train! Run, jump rope, swim, weights, all of that

  5. You're a bit all over the place with your answers, my dude. Are they asking for a release before you come to the gym at all or before you do any contact?

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