was told to try out SD but now I’m being told to check out R/TR…am I one of y’all? 😊 (5’6”)

  1. If I didn't know your height I'd guess lower based on the pictures. I don't think you have a lot of elongation if not any at all. Personally I think R fits you better than SD, since your bones are also not as prominent and sharp like a SD's would be. Overall I advise you to check those IDs on your own and see which one feels more like you. An inch higher than the height cut off wouldn't be a problem.

  2. I definitely agree with R for you. Unlike some of the other commenters, I don’t see vertical on you at all and you seem very yin. You really shine when you accommodate your curve, and I would even make the argument that you actually have short limbs and a short waist for your height which interrupts what would normally be a longer vertical line at 5’6. I think TR is unlikely since you don’t seem to have the slight sharpness that characterizes that type. I would definitely continue exploring R styling!

  3. Definitely SD, imo. It's not like you look bad in the things that break up your line, but you look amazing in the things that honor vertical and curve!

  4. here’s the link to an Imgur album with more outfits and more thoughts on my possible type! Feel free to look if you’d like :)

  5. After seeing the video of you I think you’re more likely to be r over sd. There are verified romantics that are 5’6 so it’s not out of the picture, and like someone else said your bones aren’t sharp or prominent. I don’t see any vertical in you but I can understand why someone else would in mirror pictures (they can really distort image, they make me look real long). I hope this helps!!!

  6. I think you have somewhat of vertical and it’s especially evident in the video where you’re wearing a blue tank and biker shorts. Vertical simply means you have elongation from natural height or in your torso. Yours seems to come from your torso—in form-fitted clothing, your hips are straight rather than circular. Do a line test? Is the first thing you notice a long vertical line or lines—then you have vertical!

  7. Anyone seeing busty SN? Noticing that all these outfits are very SN friendly. I’m seeing frame interacting with her likes in some shots rather than curve. My boobs can sit out to the side in some bras and be what’s pushing out the fabric from straight on but usually it’s my frame. Just a thought

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