Kibbe’s principles irl - all the praise for Margot Robbie (likely FN)’s latest looks (pic 1) now that she’s out of her Chanel contract (pic 2)

  1. The Chanel looks are so unflattering on her. It's like her effortless beauty was literally trying to escape from those boxy shapes and now she's free.

  2. it’s crazy because so many of the models who have walked chanel, especially during karl’s heyday in the late 90s, were FNs and the styling really suited therm! but they decided to dress margot like this 🥲

  3. I think it's because of her beauty and fame exactly like everytime a celeb is chosen to be a brand ambassador. They don't always have to suit the brand's image. At the time Karl Lagerfeld chose Margot as Chanel's new brand ambassador (around 2016) she was a rising star and every brand and designer obviously wanted her. Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel were faster I guess, or Margot just decided she liked Chanel more

  4. agree. i think Chanel picks celebrities they think will appeal to the youth market, or are trying to brand themselves as cool and hip, so they adopt a young, hot celeb. I really didn't like Kristen Stewart in Chanel much either, it was a real mismatch.

  5. She has the Kibbe type of most supermodels. So it's not that weird. She probably was a model/actor before hitting it big. It's what's always been done. Runway girls are FN in droves, and so are the girls that are chosen for magazine spreads.

  6. I could see someone like Julia Garner or Emma Roberts looking amazing in these looks! Jennie Kim looks great in Chanel as well but I prefer her in a bit of an edgier look.

  7. I actually saw someone say that they were dressing Margot as a ‘Blair’ from Gossip Girl (played by speculated SC Leighton Meester ) when she’s so clearly a ‘Serena’ (played by verified FN Blake Lively). It’s so interesting to see people intuitively applying Kibbe’s principles without actually knowing any of the concepts!

  8. She looks absolutely amazing in her most recent looks. This is a great example of showing what a difference it can make to dress according to your lines. She looked beautiful before as well, but these outfits make her shine.

  9. I’m excited about her new fashion direction. Her red carpet styling, and even her styling in movies, has been so inconsistent over the years. For some reason, people love putting her in G recs. I don’t feel like I have a sense for her actual style.

  10. Probably FG for both vintage and recent Chanel, but vintage Chanel from the 60s to 80s I’d say both FG and DC. In the 90s, they definitely started to lean into more Gamine-influenced looks.

  11. I think Chanel is mostly suited for FG due to the mix-and-match proportions, busy patterns and boxy shapes (

  12. As a self identifying SC, I feel the boxy look is not going to be flattering on me. I have a Chanel-esque tweed blazer that looks quite bad. perhaps DC may suit this aesthetic better.

  13. Everyone saying gamines would look good makes me think of Jennie Kim, who I've seen typed as SG. She makes Chanel look cool and youthful.

  14. While Jennie Kim makes Chanel look young and effortless on her I also really like how Lily Rose Depp embodies the Chanel aesthetic. I think the two of them really suit the brand perfectly. Also love the green dress on Margot Robbie! She really looks harmonious w both the silhouette and in that shade of green. Any idea on what that shade is called specifically?

  15. I'm surprised people are now thinking she's FN. I've always thought SN or N because I don't see any vertical for her at all; she seems moderate to me.

  16. I could see SN as well but I don’t see her needing to accommodate curve and she looks better without breaking her vertical imo. I also think “free spirit chic” fits her essence best. She might’ve been pure N before Kibbe got rid of the category but between SN and FN I think she leans more FN. Pure N is no longer a category!

  17. I sort of agree despite thinking that she would be FN over SN. Her vertical is not that long, and she doesn’t have a T shape.

  18. the black dress is great but i don't feel the other looks are really doing her justice?! i actually like the chanel left outfit and the white jacket if the pants were longer. tbh i don't think her hair is ever really working for her, these outfits could be a lot stronger with a different style

  19. I think she has naturally fine and flat hair but looks her best with more volume, it’s probably hard to maintain on a more regular basis with how long her hair is.

  20. Idk I liked picture 2 outfits better (minus the white jacket one). I don’t think Margot is FN. She seems too sharp to me.

  21. She’s average height but the Chanel clothes make her look like she’s been shopping in the petite section. It does not work for her. They set her for failure. Or did she she set herself up? Either way, it ‘s not flattering. Pic one. If she doesn’t have a stylist or she isn’t a brand ambassador, I get it. I have see beautiful clothing that I swear I can pull off but them I have them on and it’s a mistake. I do think Chanel could work on her. Depending on the year of the Chanel Pics were taken. I think she’d find more in the Chanel Fall/Winter 2023 Looks. It would look better on her. The older Chanel looks look better on gamines and Classics

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