Paying for a Kibbe typing service or doing it yourself?

  1. Kibbe typing services are basically a scam. He hasn't trained anyone to type others and you will be paying for someone's very misinformed opinion that will more likely than not land you in a very wrong ID. And I am confident in calling it "very misinformed" because the vast majority of these people are going by a misinterpreted version of the book and haven't even looked into the updated information. But apart from that, it's pretty dishonest to ask people for money for something they barely understand.

  2. This is good to know! I was gonna get his book from the 80s but I tried to read some snippets and I was mega confused. I need visuals!!!

  3. As others have said, I'd skip a "Kibbe typing service" if it isn't Kibbe himself. There are, however, other style systems that can be just as good. For example, I recently got a consult with Elyssa from YouTube, and she helped me ENORMOUSLY. Highly recommend! She uses an interview and lots of photos to analyze your essence, body, and face to give you a personalized archetype. I ended up getting Romantic-Ethereal-Gamine, along with a personalized report of how she got that, what it means, and how to apply it to my wardrobe. She also critiqued six of my outfits and created two outfit ideas for me.

  4. I really like Elyssa's content and I emailed her to get on her waiting list, but she appears really inactive online. I think she had a baby and/or some health issues.

  5. It takes time to find your type. Just focus on style recommendations and what you find NEVER flatters you and rule out types like that. Additionally pay really close attention to the height requirements, try and find kibbe verified celebrities that have similar bone structure. Another tip is focus on shoulder bone structure. Good luck!

  6. Join Strictly Kibbe on facebook if you want more accurate assessment. Don’t go to anyone for Kibbe typing except Kibbe himself. (He interacts on Strictly Kibbe).

  7. I did the quiz myself and then had my boyfriend do it for me. His results - 95pts Dramatic Classic, just under 39pts for Flamboyant Gamine. Mine: off the chart Dramatic Classic, 31pts for Flamboyant Gamine, 12pts Gamine.

  8. It's only a scam if they call it "Kibbe body typing", while not being David Kibbe. Kibbe is not the founding father of ying-yang thinking of humans, so I see no problem with paying someone to body type me with their own ying-yang-method, as long as I agree on their view of what is ying and yang. E.g. Kitchener and Elyssa do their own type of typing people, that is not Kibbe typing.

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