Alison Brie 5'3 - Kibbe ID thoughts?

  1. I would say pure G if it was still recognized (and it should be!) She’s noticeably petite and narrow (as opposed to FGs being “broadly angular”) In photos of her with a bob, she looks more enlivened. She has some angularity in her bone structure (especially in the face!) but she’s “yin” in size and youthful in appearance

  2. Classic. Never really looked into her style before but she seems to wear a lot of classic-inspired outfits, too. I saw her in a couple movies recently (Horse Girl was fantastic imo) and she struck me as pretty

  3. Just wanted to say that SDs have an “extra yin” undercurrent just like SCs, it’s not their dominant feature - the dominant feature is their yang

  4. I am incredibly surprised no-one except you sees Romantic here as she seems quite obviously R to me - she even looks a lot like

  5. This is going to sound crazy but SC ≠ looking good dressed like a 50s house wife. The SC recs recommend gently flowing fabrics and more “watercolor” prints, so the opposite of what’s going on in that mad men costume

  6. Kibbe just trips me out and this example especially. Mostly because I am the exact height as her but I look so much taller (short torso and long legs).

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