My #1 piece of advice for anyone struggling to find their ID - stop focusing on what your body looks like

  1. I agree. To me what defines you as an FN, is that FN principles of style are really really great for you. That's all. Nothing else.

  2. I agree, and also objective observation helps. For example, I love to wear long, straight, flowy tops and tunic tops with leggings because I hate stuff touching my stomach and I feel self conscious. I’m somewhat narrow (TR) and I can kind of make it work. But if I wear high waisted pants and tuck my shirt in, my husband ALWAYS happens to notice how “nice” I look that day 😂 my family will also sometimes comment things like “oh, that outfit looks MUCH better on you” like they are passively comparing to my everyday “draped” looks. Sometimes I don’t care though and I just want to be comfy, but the objective eyes definitely helped me confirm my need to accommodate for curve.

  3. The pushback I’d have to this is that it contradicts how David instructs people to DIY. He does have you look at your body at the end via the sketch, and working with clothes doesn’t come into it until you’re at that point. In my experience, I think going by clothes comes with its own bias, and can be affected by, for example, thinking something doesn’t work due to the combination, or having a limited idea of what an ID can do. For instance, plenty of people think they need waist definition, but it’s not because they have curve. (And as someone with double curve, I don’t do much defining of the waist because of my own style preferences. Proper curve accommodation allows you to do that!) It’s because they weren’t addressing another accommodation need and waist definition via a belt or whatever can act as a fix of sorts. It’s so easy to be influenced by what you want to see, or what someone told you in third grade, or whatever. That’s why David made all the exercises before the sketch and what he goes over in the beginning of the book. So I do actually think you will get the farthest by focusing on the physical reality of your body, but not by asking someone else’s opinion on Reddit, or by using celebrities as data points. David’s not going to drape different outfits on you. He wants to see you in something that reveals your body without adding compression etc., and that’s what is enough for him to go on.

  4. I guess ...I don't see how this conflicts with OPs point, because for Kibbe to actually be helping people, at a certain stage a person has to be able to see why something works, which means they have to understand the clothes on the body, and not the body alone?

  5. That’s exactly how I found out I was a SN and not a SC,TR or R, experimenting with the type lines and recommendations is way more effective than spending 5hours in front of a mirror

  6. YUP. I originally thought SN bc that seemed to be very common but the recommendations are all things that look objectively bad on me (FG). I definitely look much better in structured materials also when I posted in the FB group about 7 people commented FG

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