what type is jessica alba? 5ft6

  1. I honestly think she may be a DC, mostly balanced with slight vertical and a bit of width as i heard kibbe described DC as maybe having a lil bit of width. But not sure, as she is quite controversial...i saw D, FN, TR and FG for her as well so it is wild

  2. I was thinking this too. Nothing about her sticks out to me like I would expect for other IDs, other than she for sure seems to have a Yang undercurrent.

  3. I would say she is in the classics for sure, not the naturals: she isn't frameless but I would describe her feminity as "meticulous". Relaxed clothes look cute on her of course but they do look relaxed. She also rarely looks over-done, except when her hair is teased a la Dolly Parton kind of updo.

  4. she's actually publicly stated that she isn't as tall as 5'7 when her daughter reached that height and said she was taller than her

  5. At first I thought FN, but now I'm seeing what some are talking about with SN. And I like the Jane Fonda comparison, who kibbe said was SN. I categorize FN as being able to get abs easily. (idk still learning, but what i have seen from all FNs) Lots of definition in FN abs. and if u look at her bikini pics u can see she doesn't have abs. She's very soft and fleshy in the thighs and arms. No definition in her abs. U can see the horizontal line of her shoulders is very wide. Wider than her hips and bust. My vote is SN.

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