I fit within the type but the lines don't suit me

  1. The problem here is that lines don’t exist, it’s a thing made up by youtubers and it didn’t come from Kibbe. You are a SN if you have identified width and curve in your own personal line. You are only supposed to adjust your clothes to your own body, and two SNs won’t be exactly the same. Your body isn’t supposed to fit the clothes, it’s the other way around.

  2. "The problem here is that lines don’t exist, it’s a thing made up by youtubers and it didn’t come from Kibbe. You are a SN if you have identified width and curve in your own personal line. "

  3. A lot of “SN” lines online are like super exaggerated imo. If you look at some of Kibbes original SN examples like Lana Wood, Goldie Hawn, and Jane Fonda, you’ll notice they look really good and project that “fresh and sensual” image without boho wrap dresses, boxy cuts, and heavy cowl necks. Fabrics that drape and flow gently, cuts that give your upper body breathing room and emphasize your waist, and some organic elements to your look is what a SN needs.

  4. Also a lot of “SC outfits” you see on youtube/reddit/pinterest are very natural friendly with their blouson waists, mixed textures, etc

  5. "keep in mind that this is an introspective journey, that seeing ourselves clearly and honestly takes time, and that deep down you likely already have some idea of the type of clothing you like to see on your body and feel beautiful wearing. That might be the best place to start"

  6. I have come to the conclusion that I am also most likely an SN and truthfully the excessive amount of unconstructed styles sometimes are just counterintuitive to the body type in my opinion- I too also look good in classic styles (I still am keeping Classic family in my back pocket in case that might suit me more), I can also look good in romantic family styles, and even SD styles. The least flattering silhouettes for me are usually Gamine family and Dramatic.

  7. What do you mean by "excessive amount of unconstructed styles"? I think you have a misunderstanding of Kibbe's recommendations for SNs, SNs are a soft curve dominant type who need waist definition, unconstructed doesn't mean baggy potato sacks. Of course SNs look good in curve accommodating styles, they accommodate curve!

  8. there is no such thing as 'lines' for specific types, or even specific styles that can be worn by specific types. there is only your own personal lines and the accomodations you have to make on your own body. Remember, clothes don't have types. Try accomodating the width and curve you found on your body and think less about the 'sn lines' the internet claims to exist

  9. Honestly I’ve never really understood the idea the loose baggy things are the goal for SNs. Tons of bombshell celebrities are SN and they frequently rock tight ass clothes. My best friend is a SN and while she looks great in her SN adapted beachy style she also looks good in things that aren’t classic SN suggestions. If you like it, wear it and your confidence will likely make it work

  10. I came to my type by looking at all the lines and figuring out that I intuitively dressed FG and then checked to see if I fit MOST of the FG description (and did the quiz and a few exercises) and then settled for it. If you don't like SN lines, don't wear them. Its a style system not a body type system.

  11. What exactly do you view as SN lines? If you’re trying on oversized cardigans and calling it a day, start over. That won’t look good for any ID.

  12. I can relate! Only for me it's about perfectly embodying the SG description, yet my personal lines don’t end up matching the recommendations to a t. But I do find most of the principles work for me, so I don’t doubt my self-typing.

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