Question about width and open necklines

  1. An “open” neckline is a bit of a misconception that I see on this sub a lot. Your neckline doesn’t have to be open, your clothing just has to allow for enough space so there’s no pulling around the chest and shoulder area.

  2. Well, I'm not sure if Kibbe still stands by what he wrote in Metamorphosis, but for SNs he explicitly says "Necklines should be loose and soft, not closed, restricted..." and he uses words like loose, flowing, soft, unconstructed, relaxed....

  3. Yeah, I definitely think Kibbe's emphasis is on looseness but can sort of translate into open necklines (although this board seems to take everything too far). Just from my own experience I've noticed that Ns do often carry things like open, squared necklines very well, far better than I could.

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