Emily Blunt 5'6.5 - ID?

  1. I agree. In photos of her standing next to Cate Blanchett (Dramatic) it's more obvious she is not pure dramatic, I think.

  2. There is no way that she's SC. Idk why people think her and Dakota Johnson are SC, they look completely dissimilar from verified SCs. I see D or FN - maaaaaybe DC.

  3. I think it comes down to misunderstanding yin and yang in Kibbe. She looks to me obviously yang dominant. It took me a long time just observing to really be able to understand the concepts though.

  4. I think she dresses D but she is indeed SC. Look how stunning she looks in the simple, close fitting green dress on the right. That says it all!

  5. I’d say she’s dramatic Classic or just a pure classic. She looks better with will tailored clothing that’s not overly dramatic (the pink and the blue Prince-looking outfit) I don’t know why, if someone looks taller, people put them in dramatic family. She’s not Dramatic or Soft Dramatic at all. Her face has symmetry. There’s nothing that sticks out (high cheekbones or smaller eyes etc).

  6. FN! Very similar lines to me. I’m 5’6.5 and thought I was SC but everyone said it’s impossible with that height. 🤣

  7. Limit is 5’6 for SC. You’re literally only half an inch over - despite what some people say, half an inch is not going to make much difference! If that’s the only reason you think you’re not a SC I would still consider ☺️

  8. I think she's D or FN. She could also be DC, but I think she has more vertical than verified DCs. I feel sometimes people just compare her to unverified others they assume are classic fam (but for example Dakota Johnson is too tall for it) and then go with C for her as well.

  9. Interesting! I don’t see Kibbe width at all. In that blazer it doesn’t seem to hang on her in a way I would expect it to on a FN. DC’s can be slightly wide.

  10. I don’t hve this down pat whatsoever, but she looks like a Classic to me. Possibly a DC, as rare as these are. Pure Dramatics would be taller, I expect.

  11. Has to be DC! When I think of modern classic shapes she is definitely one that springs to mind. Her face too. Blended, balanced with a touch more yang. Pretty confident but would love to know for sure if Kibbe himself types her 😊

  12. Finally! Yes I agree and was wondering at all the DCs. She does well with a narrow silhouette but not a sharp or severe one, and I see a lot of Adele or Ava Gardner or any other of your chin cleft SDs in her face!

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