Alternative/Edgy soft natural (SN) mood board

  1. oh i adore chloe sevigny’s personal style so much!! she has such an iconic look, i even think she looks edgier when she wears like hyper feminine elements

  2. I personally think Miley Cyrus is a great inspo for SNs. I don’t know her type ( although general consensus is that she’s in N fam). But her style could work really well on a SN. Either shag or wild beach hair + crewnecks/ loose 70s rocker shirts paired with tight dark jeans , as well as tightly fitted short gaminish garments which contrasts our bodies.

  3. I honestly love a crew neck, I know SNs avoid them like the plague but as an emo teen they were my go to and I guess there are still some remnants of that phase. P!nk is another great inspiration. I've tried to look for verified SNs in this instance as I'm still learning about SN lines but perhaps in future I'll try some unverified SN celeb inspo

  4. So I know that I’m the one who is probably wrong instead of everybody else lol, but does anybody else see vertical with Chloe? I’m FN (5’10”, so definitely), and she looks so similar to what I see in myself body wise

  5. No I agree … I could see FN for her , that wouldn’t surprise me too much. Either that or She’s a little on the Yang side of SN , more like a pure natural if you believe in unicorns lol

  6. I am a nerd for even knowing this, but the bottom left corner photo on the third slide is actually not Jane Fonda, but a model in a photoshoot inspired by Jane Fonda in Klute. I’m not trying to be pedantic lol I’m just such a nerd for Jane Fonda, I can’t help it.

  7. Can someone explain to me how ScarJo isn’t a true romantic? Everyone else seems very obviously SN to me, but I have never “gotten” how Scarlett was typed the SN category….she seems so petite and yin.

  8. Its a normal question. I was told here that Sn and R can look alot alike. I also struggled at first to understand but I was told that SN encompasses a pretty vast range of body types, so even though she is curvy and even a bit of double curve, and a relatively small width for a natural…. Scarlett looks like less of an N to me when she’s next to an N like Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston (that was what I used to think all naturals looked like :) . but when we put scarjo next to Kate winslet.. you can immediately see Kates softness and this almost seamless curvy quality …. While Scarlett’s bluntness and that fresh, athletic quality, suddenly stand out . I’m a natural and when I first started learning about kibbe, I didn’t even know what SN was … so I thought of the Natural type as women that looked more “like me”…. Ie Jennifer Aniston who seemed to be touted as an archetype of pure natural … somehow I saw Scarjo as looking so such softer and curvier than me. But I’m learning!

  9. Because your comment furthers stereotypes about how soft naturals, verified examples even lol, can’t possibly actually be soft naturals because they’re too “petite” or dainty or something lmao. Lana Wood, the prime SN example, was recently posted here and people couldn’t really grasp how she’s a soft natural—We constantly see the same with celebrities like Scarlett and Kat Dennings, and those who are probably soft natural, like Aishwarya Rai and Pamela Anderson. Your second comment explains how you’re still new to the system and learning about it, but there are plenty of people here who just further stereotypes about certain types (the natural family being targeted the most), even though they frequently post here and spread misinformation as if it’s facts. Also, the concept of width in Kibbe is very complicated and it isn’t directly related to being conventionally wide, so that’s why a lot of people that are new to the system also struggle to grasp what that actually looks like.

  10. I think the difference is in her wide upper back, and she has that straight angle of ribs from waist to shoulder as well, instead of a double curve.

  11. I’m really trying to get good at typing, can someone help me understand how Jane Fonda fits into SN? I know she’s verified, I’m not questioning it, I’m trying to understand. I see so much yang in her, I would have guessed just N. Is it because she has a more hourglass figure? Would a pure N have a more “athletic torso”? Help please.

  12. Thank you for putting this together! I was wondering if anyone else feels like Soft Naturals don't look edgy in clothes that would be edgy on other types? Let me explain: To me, being edgy implies looking dangerous, mysterious, somewhat unapproachable. The Soft Natural looks good in leather jackets, animal print, sexy lace, etc...but in a friendly, approachable kind of way. Yes/No? I would love to be proven wrong, because as a SN it would be fun to learn how to give off a really bad-ass, edgy vibe.

  13. I personally think all of these ladies look badass in these images but I completely understand what you mean. I think what you're getting at is the soft natural essence which kibbe describes as appealing and innocent. Inherently SNs seem approachable as people. I think what I've gone for with this moodboard is a more classic alternative rock and roll style

  14. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I think with SN when we wear more edgy pieces, the textiles kind of become the focus rather than the contents? Like when I look at these images of leather jackets, it doesn't scream biker or rock-n-roll to me, but more like "look at how plush the cowhide must have been, the natural grain is very soft and supple here, etc." Even in the Kat Dennings pic, she has less of a "fuck off" vibe and more of a "i don't really give a fuck" vibe instead, which are similar but not the same.

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