Type celebrities but not regular people?

  1. Yeah it’s tough. I’ve been trying (admittedly not that hard) to find my kibbe type for like a year and a half. I settled on DC, but I’ve realized along the way that Rita’s system works much better for me. I’ve been typed as every single kibbe ID except for SG, R, and TR lol

  2. But I think even this is still helpful. I’d much rather have a bunch of people telling me different things and I can try styling myself those ways to see what I’d like best vs putting myself in a mega thread to get lost in the void. And I think the more responses you get the more likely you are to actually find your id.

  3. Because the Kibbe system doesn’t work that way, you aren’t supposed to be typed by someone else (apart from Kibbe obviously). It’s not really helpful if 95% of the people who will try to help you are probably confused too. Personally I had been typed wrong even by people that I considered knowledgeable on the system. This is supposed to be your own journey. Strangers who see 5 photos of you still have no idea what you look like in real life, what your fit/ clothing struggles are etc. I can say I don’t know almost anyone who settled on the ID that people here told them they are, and often many people who try to help others are completely new in this and can’t even point you to the right direction.

  4. I agree with what other users have already said but I also want to add that a lot can be lost in photos. There have been many discussion posts around different types of cameras or angles, or how making minor changes to positioning or accessories can make a person look entirely different. Many people could look short and wide in one photo and tall and narrow in another, and the photos they choose to post will be clouded by their own subjective gaze. Learning to be “Kibbe objective” is a crucial first step to understanding an Image ID, even if you happen to be correctly typed from the start. Typing posts will not help with that - in my opinion, the only way is to engage with the source material. Those who truly follow Kibbe HTT recs and put thought into narrowing down their own Image ID before posting for typing help seem to fare better than those who just post a bunch of photos in random outfits (the HTT concept is another reason I think celebs can be more useful for typing help, since stylists often craft an entire looks for events etc. rather than the star just throwing on clothes). I do think there’s a place for typing posts in the community, but I also think it’s helpful to analyze (well known) celebrities since a lot of people will be familiar with them from a variety of sources other than just a few photos.

  5. When type me photos were allowed on this sub that was pretty all that was ever posted. Crowdsourcing opinions also really isn't a great way to determine your ID, as was evidenced by the fact that most people got extremely varied suggestions when posting.

  6. I will say this much: I 100% agree that a lot of the "celebrities" posted on here are really underwhelming in terms of their celebrity status. I'm not talking about international stars so much--I totally get why someone would want to see their country's biggest celebrities IDed. I'm talking more about the fact that people will post some random influencer or whatever as though we all know who the person is. Sometimes makes me wonder if it's the "celebrity" in question...haha

  7. With celebs there's usually videos of them and lots of photos from every angle so it's easier to get a whole vibe from them. Also Kibbe has verified many of the ones talked about so we have some examples to go off of.

  8. Exactly! You can google! Videos, faces, bikini photos, billion outfits - all actually perfectly fitted, appearances in all types of makeup and hairstyle. Expression poses and vibes.

  9. Unpopular opinion but I totally agree! I've been a member of this sub for a pretty long time but have not been on in a good while and was a bit disappointed to see that change! It seems like a lot of people take kibbe really seriously but like you mentioned about the colorananalysis sub, I personally love to just try and help people figure it out and find it fun to have the same done for me!

  10. I’m thinking probably because this would create the same flood and therefore lack of response as the mega thread. On Tuesdays 100 people would put up a type-me post.

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