Ester exposito(5ft5½)-TR or short SD?

  1. Personally I think even pure D is a possibility for her. But in any case 5’5 isn’t short at all for SD, it’s a common ID at that height.

  2. The amount of comments I’ve seen expressing this lately (as a 5’4 SD) has been really refreshing, I posted about feeling like I could only make short skirts work (which I know conflicts with SD recs, so was looking for outside recommendations) and shared my height, and was entirely met with comment’s saying it’s extremely unlikely I’m SD at 5’4. I’m genuinely confident in my ID so it was super frustrating that the post wound up so misinterpreted. It turned out the heavily structured fabric and silhouettes of the long skirts I was trying were all wrong, and longer skirts do actually suit me nicely! Sort of a rant, but TLDR; I really appreciate your comment :)

  3. I personally believe she has too much balance and curve for a pure D (nothing to do with height)

  4. Yeah I agree both SC and SN are closer than TR or SD. Vertical-wise she looks moderate. Looks 2 and 13 are best on her. And hair like in 10.

  5. i see SC personally. i don't think she looks particularly tall or petite, and definitely no double curve. nothing looks so heinously off on her. i see some softness and curve in her hips. not really seeing width tbh either.

  6. I was thinking shld cld be SC as well. Very balanced and can seem to wear anything as long as it’s cohesive.

  7. Always thought D for her while watching Elite a while back. I don’t think she accommodates curve despite being on the busty side.

  8. SN for sure. Every single one of her best looks are SN. And she doesn’t need to accommodate for vertical at all, nor do I think that dramatic looks suit her as well as others.

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