Just for fun: Brooklyn 99 Kibbe types! What do you guys think ?

  1. Jake and Rosa both seem moderate to me, height and impression wise. Maybe DC for both? I could also see FN for Jake though, something about him doesn’t read “sharp yang” to me.

  2. I’m terrible at typing men! Yes you are probably right… I think the reason I was leaning D was because in studying his body shape, he doesn’t seem to have the “triangle” effect, his upper body is pretty small and in this shot here, the lower body is almost standing out. Men in general will have broader shoulder of course. But now that you are saying N I could see that! It makes sense. He’s always wearing jackets and layers, it’s hard to see his shape.

  3. Jake seems way too soft to be a dramatic imo! Looks more moderate, I would say C family. I think Rosa is Dramatic (or if not, SD) and Amy is a very clear Soft Natural to me. Charles I would guess Soft Gamine and Holt probably D family. Gina is very Flamboyant Natural. These are just my guesses tho!

  4. I actually think Amy is not classic. She definitely has classic lines in all her clothing, but I think they look restricting on her. My bet is Soft Natural.

  5. I looked at a lot of pics of Melissa fumero (not as Amy), and I have to say I think you are totally right!! She looks very different without the tailored suits, and when she wears soft natural lines and open necklines, it’s like night and day. Look at her in this dress… You guys are amazing detective/geniuses !

  6. I also think Amy is an SN or possibly SC, but seeing the photos of the actual actress she actually has appears to have somewhat more blunt facial contours and possibly needs to accommodate width and definitely some curve accommodation. SN or SC seem fitting for her

  7. It is really clever wardrobe because the suits make her look confined and uptight which is in line with her character on the show. This makes a lot of sense.

  8. Hmmm that was an initial thought I had too! SN… but I think looking at Gina threw me off , she has those shoulders, and I felt like amy didn’t quite have the width and her lower body seems more balanced… I’m still not sold on SN for her, but I can see it, and her suits are pretty stuffy!

  9. i think you're right about SD for holt, i actually think SN for gina but i'm unsure. i think terry crews is FN -- he has vertical + noticeable width in his upper back and chest. my take is DC for rosa and either SG or R for charles. definitely petite yin.

  10. These are awesome! Did you mean D for Rosa and N for Gina? Just curious because that was my guess… I thought Gina looked N at first but she always wears this Moto jacket, when she finally wears a crop tank you actually see a bit of pear shape to her! :) And Gina has that inverted triangle that is so classic for an FN

  11. I’m curious how so? I don’t find it different from other posts in this sub about typing actors and casts

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