OG Snooki and Deena

  1. Snooki could be SN but deena I’m not sure. Deena always has waist definition even at a higher weight, and her weight distributes more evenly in the lower body . She feels more hourglass and double curve… so I would lean R imho … r can seem similar to Sn…

  2. Snookie is absolutely NOT an SN her petiteness and short vertical line is a defining characteristic of her that she needs to accommodate for. I would guess SG, FG, or even R before SN. She would be swallowed in SN lines or anything that does not factor in petite.

  3. I would actually type Sammi as the natural in the group. J wow is more balanced and classic. Deena leans R and Snooki leans G.

  4. Um ok about my previous gamine suspicion… I found a pic of her looking very thin and I have to say she looks pretty gamine to me here! That doesn’t mean she’s not SN.. but if she is, she’s an Sn that skews gamine …

  5. Her petiteness over rules any “width” she has, I actually don’t personally see width or bluntness in her frame at all. She has a bit of a conventional “wideness” than can occur within Gamines and even Rs. Her short vertical and overall petite, compact appearance is her defining characteristics. I think her stature would be far too overwhelmed in SN recommendations. She needs things that honor her short vertical.

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  7. Snooki feels more typical SN… she has the telltale upper limb fleshiness, less of double curve… her face feels ingenue and almost gamine. In fact I’m some ways she can lean gamine , she is so petite and small boned.

  8. I kind of get theatrical romantic vibes from Deena. In other photos I've seen her shoulders look sloped, she is fleshy and her facial features have a slight sharpness to them but her eyes are wide and large, and she's petite.

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