Jessica Chastain - ID thoughts?

  1. I would personally ID her as an SD even though someone said in the comments that she could be an SC per Kibbe, and this is why ~

  2. My first thought was SD, but she's only 1,63, I always assumed she was taller. I lean towards SN now, cause once you take a better look she has too much width and reminds me more of Scarlet Johanson or JLo with less booty.

  3. Theatrical Romantic or Soft Natural. I think more soft natural. She looks tall but she’s not (5’4). She is a very curvy. Absolutely beautiful body. I’m leaning towards Soft Natural because of the broadness of her shoulders and even though she has a smaller waist, her waist is quite broad. She has bluntness to instead her instead of a sharpness to her bone structure and she has long broad limbs to me. I think she looks great in all the looks but especially the yellow, the red with silver chain and the gold dress. I love the slight romantic hair on her and I think she may have dramatic romantic essence. Just my guess.

  4. The only thing I feel sure about her is that she is a yang type. Whether she is pure D, FN or DC, I’m not quite sure but I don’t think she accommodates curve, I do think she accommodates vertical, and I can’t tell if she accommodates width.

  5. Wow, I absolutely love your detailed examples! I thought SD for Jessica because she often dresses to accentuate her curves on the red carpet, but your counter examples are really persuading me that her best looks might be the straight-cut ones--amazing!

  6. Very good examples, thank you! I was inclined to think SD for her, but you made me consider FN. And isn't FN where Kibbe's mistyped SC often

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