What happens if you have a soft natural face but a romantic body?

  1. That’s not really possible, the face and the body will always match. If you think there is a mismatch, you are misinterpreting either the face or the body. However since Kibbe is about dressing your body, go with whatever you think you are seeing in your body.

  2. How does the face figure into determining a hairstyle? As a newbie I’d imagine it’s more important for hair than the body’s lines

  3. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would suggest posting pics for typing advice ☺️ I personally believe that means you're misinterpreting something as Kibbe's system is full of little intricacies and ngl quite confusing sometimes

  4. So kibbe no longer uses faces in typing that much. If you have a romantic body - then you're a romantic.

  5. I'd actually argue that he DOES use the face in typing. He just tells DIYers to not focus so much on it because it can distract us from determining our yin/yang balance effectively. That being said, the face is always going to match the body.

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