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  1. Google, youtube, on line questionnaires. Plenty to find your type. Do the prework, narrow it down and than come to the groups for the final pics to help you decide.

  2. Don’t be so concerned with picking apart every single part of your body, focus on you as a whole! When deciding a type, think about what other people (friends, family, even strangers) notice about you first. Also, take into consideration your “essence”, kibbe is less scientific and more vibe-based than you’d think

  3. Hi! So naturally, first you have to read as much as you can about Kibbe to learn about the IDs. What I personally consult is Gabrielle Arruda’s YouTube chanel and blog, Style thoughts by Rita’s YouTube Chanel, and, especially, this sub. This sub has amaziiing explanations of each type and the meaning of everything in the about section and in the menu, it really helped me to understand everything and they have fragments of Kibbe’s book explaining each ID. After you have some understanding of it you should take a picture of your full body in tight clothing (though not so tight it change your body) at chest level, and it can’t be a mirror selfie, this is the best way to look at your body without it being distorted. And after that you just have to kind of analyse your body with the knowledge that you have and see, well do I have width? Do I have vertical? Am I petite? And also think about how clothes fall in your body as that will help decide on some things, like maybe if shirts usually pull at your shoulders you have width, or if you look like your clothes are drowning you when you are wearing something oversized maybe you need waist definition. Also, you can post the photo of yourself in the ID help megathread in the sub, there people will tell you what they think your ID is based on the pictures, sometimes you get a bunch of different answers but it can be really helpful. And if it’s not clear you’ll have to play with the IDs lines to see which one suits you better. It’s a process, I have been at it for a few months and I’m stuck between 2 IDs, it takes some time, I’m still learning, but it’s honestly been great and even if I’m not set on an ID it’s really interesting, helpful and it’s cool to understand why some things that I wanted to look good on me didn’t, and why some things do look good.

  4. Gabrielle Arruda is as reliable as Aly Art, Merriam Style, Body and Style and pretty much every other YouTuber or TikToker. In general, they tend to mix up Kibbe's ideas with their own, which is expected but also confusing. If you're a beginner, I'd suggest not to start learning from them, as this can lead to misconceptions that could be hard to dismiss later. They're fun to watch and they can make some great points, but you should keep in mind that it's their own interpretation of the system.

  5. Oh and there’s a Kibbe Facebook group with Kibbe himself where you can do exercises and it’s obviously super useful, I don’t have FG bit if you do maybe you can join it.

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