kibbe's hourglass and nowadays's hourglass-what do you think?

  1. your post/comment has been removed due to rule 4. Hourglass and other aspects of the fruit system are not relevant to Kibbe- that in tandem with multiple reports of community users being uncomfortable with this post and our desire to create a safe body positive space contribute to this decision.

  2. The hourglass "nowadays" pictures are all photoshopped, nothing attainable or natural about these ...

  3. Even if they weren't photoshopped, people who look like that irl are most likely underweight (as in an unhealthily low bmi). Like that's not having an hourglass shape that's just being underweight... You can't really not have that shape when your bones literally stick out and your abdomen has no fat.

  4. Does he described Selena as having an hour glass figure? I don't see it. I see Marilyn and I definitely see Salma have it though

  5. Selena’a shape is more straight but tr doesn’t mean hourglass. It’s more about the flesh and how it kinda looks if that makes sense.

  6. The right pics are very edited. I'm not saying modern hourglasses are invalid, just that they're brought in at the waist a lot so maybe not accurate/realistic representation.

  7. In what world are Marilyn and Salma STILL not considered hourglass? They are literally still the definition of an hourglass figure.

  8. But that’s the point… they’re underweight. Poor health is not a body one should aspire to. It’s really spiraled out of hand to the point where a shockingly large amount of people (mostly girls and young women) literally want to look like they are dying. Stating that is not “body shaming”, either, I would say the same about being severely overweight. And I’m not blaming the person themselves, they very well could be living a perfectly healthy lifestyle. But I don’t think it’s normal to want to look like an extreme and actively damage your health to achieve that.

  9. Having a small waist has always been a plaguing ideal of women. Barbie was made in the 80’s with unrealistic proportions. Jessica Rabbit. Etc. Ifs jus that unrealism used to not be something you could create with a camera. I see nothing new here to have models using camera angling and photoshop lite to enhance small waisted-ness. This is just technology du jour plus the same embodied standards of beauty placed on women.

  10. So we need to be conscious about doing body comparison photos and the language we use. The pics on the right MAY be edited but not one of you know that for 100%. Similarly there are people who exist NATURALLY like the pics on the right ( regardless if it’s tonnes of people or just a few) and they don’t deserve to come on the internet and see people bashing that body type, or telling them they shouldn’t edit their pics when they aren’t. Social media has given us the ability to view people’s bodies more readily. The sheer amount of comments I have had about my lips since fillers became available is crazy.

  11. Exactly, and it really bothers me when they say that you can only have this type of body when you are underweight and unhealthy. I’m skinny and I have a pretty small waist, not like the ones in the pictures but I get comments constantly about how I should be healthier and how I should eat more, or how my body is “unattainable” and it makes me feel like shit even though I am healthy and it doesn’t matter how I eat I’ve always been this weight and my body type has always been the same. People need to learn that we should not talk about other peoples bodies when we know nothing about them.

  12. Who’s the one on the right in the second image? I’m intrigued by her high fat distribution on the back of the hips, I have the same and haven’t really seen it before on women at a lower weight.

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