Shawn Mendes ID? I’m really bad with IDing guys. He looks tall, and I see angularity, in his shoulders e.g., but I feel like I see some softness even if he’s built? But I do think he looks his best in structured and more classic outfits. That makes me think DC? Or am I way off?😂 (6’2’’/ 1,88 cm)

  1. I don’t think there are male height limits, besides like I’m sure Shaq couldn’t be R because he’s 7’2, extreme stuff like that, kinda surprised me seeing he’s 6’2 because he didn’t really look that tall on his own until he’s next to someone lol. I think DC for him as well. We need more male Celebs(I’m trying to get all my male celebs discussed on!)

  2. I feel like it’s one of those cases were it shows why a video it’s better because I’ve been watching tour videos and he looks looong, but I agree in photos he doesn’t look that tall. And yeah we need more male celebs! It’s really interesting but so much less talked about since we don’t know much about it.

  3. Pure Dramatic. I think he looks best when all the sharp edges are emphasised. DC men from my understanding have a more solid look, like your Jon Hamms or Cary Grants. He looks more narrow and extreme.

  4. Interesting! He’s definitely some type of dramatic and now that I look at the men that you mentioned I totally see what you mean about the more solid look. But I feel like I do see some yin in him, especially in his torso, so that makes me think maybe SD.

  5. D all the way imo. The outfits here that are vertical-accommodating prove it. I will never understand the DC Shawn Mendes train, that man is a column lol.

  6. He is definitely a column lol, I was thinking DC because of some of his fits and a bit of yin but one of the comments convinced me of SD actually!

  7. I’m getting notifications of people commenting but I can’t see the comments what’s going onnn😫

  8. I'll vote for FN, maybe SD. But FN seems more likely. He isn't very wide but neither is e.g. FN Anne Hathaway (sorry, the male examples are limited). I think his essence gives away a lot more than his slender body: to me he looks open and friendly. His nose and facial features are slightly boyish.

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