Tips on building a new wardrobe?

  1. I don't know if I have a sun allergy or something, but if the sun hits my skin directly and I don't have any sun block on, my skin hurts and feels like it's being roasted on the spot. For this reason I have dressed very covered up these last couple of years, even if there's a heat wave. In my country though, heat wave only means around 30¤c.

  2. Yeah I’ve just started sewing and natural fabrics are a must! And it seems like a capsule wardrobe is definitely the best option, It certainly seems less overwhelming. Thanks a lot!!

  3. Ohh interesting! You are totally right about the whole not having stuff to wear because it’s all the same style, I’ll keep it in mind, it’s a great tip. And yeah I’m still navigating all of the styles systems but they’ve been soo useful so far. Thanks so much for the detailed response!! I’ll check Daria out immediately!

  4. I love 10×10 capsules. If you are rebooting your style and you don't want to buy 50 new items that may or may not work together. 10×10 is a great way to focus in on key pieces that really exemplify your style, work for your lifestyle and work together cohesively.

  5. I honestly hadn’t thought of a capsule wardrobe before I posted this but it’s such a great idea. Thinking of buying 10 items is certainly much less daunting and practical than buying 50, and it’ll even be better for my pocket lol. Thanks so much!

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