Kibbe body types in ESC 2022 and ASC 2022. My guesses:

  1. Idk about a lot of them but as a Spaniard I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Chanel lol she’s def some type of Romantic, I would agree pure R because I feel like I just see softness but she could be TR.

  2. Yes, I was debating on too if she's a R or TR. I think her face might be TR, but her body is more of a pure R in my eyes, so that's why I put her as R.

  3. I can not watch Eurovision any more without thinking about Kibbe types. These are all images from this years live performances and these are my guesses. All the videos are available on youtube, although ESC videos are geoblocked for US people. However, I think you can still watch reaction videos or use a VPN to watch whole performances.

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