I have posted on here before and got SN but the style of clothing doesn’t seem to suit me at all. Can you help me find my kibbe ID please :( I’m 5ft4 by the way

  1. There’s definitely yang in you, but also curve. Your curves are very strong which is an indicator of yang. It seems like the sub has a thing for not giving out SD to people who are average height anymore, but imo I think that’s worth looking into first. SN is a good contender otherwise, but I am thinking you appear more bold and elongated in the entire silhouette for SN. However, angles can be distorted and you can appear more elongated than what you actually are. That being said, I think SD is good looking into.

  2. SN isn’t about Being boho. You should look at strictly kibbe on Facebook. It would help you much more than looking at Reddit. Many SNs wear quite a lot of form fitting clothing. Check out the verified SNs for what they wear. Unfortunately, Kibbe is a bit of an intensive process and you need to be willing to dig through things. It’s not just a style of clothing.

  3. I’m definitely not an expert, but my first instinct would be SN! Happy to share more about why that is if you’re interested, and I also have a question for you. I’m curious what mean by SN “style of clothing” because I think there can be stereotypical items of clothing associated with types in ways that become unhelpful. I think I’m a flamboyant natural and don’t really resonate with the ulta boho maxi skirt recommendations that often come up for FNs. When I think of memorably good outfits worn by SN celebs, I could see those really working on you, fwiw!

  4. I don't see width personally, or strong vertical. SN doesn't feel quite right to me. I see curve and softness first (double), and looks like you need waist accommodation. So I would look at Romantic or related.

  5. Soft naturals can have round and full features, as they have a romantic undercurrent. They also lack a strong vertical and can have visible curves, just like romantics. But romantics tend to have a "boneless" look to them (excuse the term lol, we all obviously have bones), but soft naturals have a frame that's able to support their curves and/or would benefit from width accomodation as well as curve. IMO this definitely applies to the OP.

  6. You could definitely be R family. I’m a similar height and curve as you…. Honestly I wear SD lines since they make me happy with flowing draping lines, and a lot of R lines helped me with dresses and tops but in terms of shoes, hair, and makeup I felt it was all dated or unflattering. Keep trying and mixing! Sprinkle in some SN pieces. I tend to be happiest in flattering a T shape with cowl necks, long sleeves, and asymmetrical pieces especially skirts.

  7. If a T shape with flowing draping lines make you happy and feel the most flattering then why try to make yourself fit in Romantic? Or do you mean that you tried clothes, accessories, and hair that are more suited to Romantic before this?

  8. What about Romantic? Did you ever try some of the Romantic lines or did someone in your other post suggest this too? To me you look very hourglassy, very soft and curvy, which are all characteristics I've seen on R family.

  9. Soft naturals are often very hard to tell apart from romantics, as both have a tendency to have a conventional hourglass and be moderate (not accomadate for vertical or petiteness). Both can be very soft and curvy, but the difference here is that romantics' bones are less apparent, while soft naturals have a frame that would benefit from accomodation. They both also can have width, but one is because of flesh (romantic). Romantics are pure yin and they only have curve accomdation, but OP is in my opinion a soft natural, as her frame and bone structure help support her curves and I think she would benefit from accomadating both curve and kibbe width.

  10. Some bluntness in the face and a strong overall frame, that's why they say SN. But I disagree with that by the way your skin drapes. You are more TR for me. Btw, look at the image in the side bar. Kibbe says, outfits do not have an ID, people do. So better think about what lines and drapes look good on you based on your ID but still more you, it's more important than the recommended outfits as those can be too general.

  11. Both soft natural and romantic can have visible width and be conventionally curvy. Soft naturals need accomdation for what you described, width (kibbe width) and waist accomodation, while romantics need just waist accomodation as they are pure yin and have nothing else to accomodate for except their kibbe curve.

  12. I feel like something seems restrictive with this HTT (I know it’s just gym clothes but…). I wonder if clothing that skims your curves might be better suited. As such, probably not double curve (R).

  13. The first thing I saw was either soft dramatic, or theatrical romantic! I agree on the soft dramatic not being given out because of height as well like another commenter said. At the end of the day, kibbe is just a fun thing to entertain and use for style cues. I could absolutely see you in some draped and waist enhancing styles. You have curve, long legs, long arms and an hourglass waist, I think you still gotta play around a bit with styles to highlight your length and curve :)

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