% population of each type?

  1. I've read multiple times that Kibbe should have said the extreme ends of the spectrum (D and R) are rare. N types are apparently quite common and SD should be also more common (at least in the US). I have actually read the same about DC, but another comment says this ID should be uncommon, I haven't read this before but I don't really know.

  2. People often say that clothes are all cut for dramatics, but I think this is a misunderstanding. I see tons of FN gear out there. Also, even if a garment has dramatic lines, it’s often cut too short to actually be worn by a dramatic. I think it’s FG and FN season out there.

  3. I have no idea and I’m not the best as guesstimating % or anything either but my impressions (based on 14 years in India and 13 in US), are that Indian women on average are shorter, but are not necessarily more likely to be Romantics. I can see some bluntness. In United States I’m relatively smaller than I would feel in India, and it’s not just height. In both countries, bodies that naturally hold onto fat/are curvy (combined with smallish frame) tend to be fat shamed, and it’s not super common. TRs are not particularly common either. I don’t necessarily see than many G fam. C might possibly be a bit more common than some might assume.

  4. Honestly I think most dramatics and naturals would actually say that the clothes aren't made for us; I don't know about width but as far as vertical goes all clothes are too short. I don't think any type is benefited by the clothes that massive stores put out tbh

  5. I’m convinced that all clothing right now is designed for a 5’0 dramatic 😭 everything is short and straight. And I wouldn’t consider myself tall!

  6. I think it depends on what population you’re asking about. Yang doms may be more prevalent in some areas/ethnic groups while yin doms may be more prevalent in others. In extremely heterogeneous groups you’ll definitely see a wide variety. I still think N fam might be the most common.

  7. I did a survey a long time ago, keep in mind those are self typed people and their IDs might not be accurate but at least it's something. Most users here belong in the N family, followed by the dramatic and classic, then romantic and last is gamine. But this is also an all over the world thing, in my country Gamines seem more common, and R family is too. So it depends.

  8. i also think that it depents from your race, many northamerica or european woman can be naturals, dramatics and classics and the beauty standards are white-eurocentristic as well as the clothes so maybe and apparently there are more dramatic or naturals, but im from South America and i think i am a romantic, and Rs, TRs, SG, SC, SN are very common here, and it's kinda rare to see a D or FN woman for example

  9. It depends on where you live, where i am most people are Natural types, with here and there D, SD, or SG..here the rarest types are Classics and Romantics but i do see them sometimes. I love kibbe typing people when i am out enjoying a drink or something, it’s like a game hmm maybe next time i will start counting them. 😜

  10. Yeah, it depends. In latin america (Venezuela) being a DC (my type) is quite rare, because curves and short height in general are pretty common, and men are usually yin leaning as well.

  11. It’s thought FN, SN, and SD are the most common IDs in North America. FG, DC, and D are the least common. The spread is different in different parts of the world. Retailers tend make things cheap and fast. It might not have that much to do with Kibbe IDs. Though they tend to make the clothes for average height people

  12. According to kibbe himself on SK : N fam, SD, and DC are the most common. D is the least common. I'd imagine Gs and TR aren't that common either but I haven't read anything official

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