Type me. 5’3. 25 F. I gain and lose weight pretty simultaneously, most of which goes to my thighs and arms 🥲. Would love to get a direction towards my styling sense.

  1. Gonna go ahead here and also say TR. In gamine lines (pic 5), too much attention gets drawn to your hip curve in a way that widens you as opposed to showing the gentle sweep of your figure. Gamine also registers as "immature" or even a bit boyish on you where it would be more playful if those were indeed your lines. It's such a subtle difference between SGs and TRs, but when I see a TR in SG or FG lines, it's super obvious to me.

  2. Thank you for writing this out, I wouldn’t have been able to put into words quite why I thought the gamine lines looked off compared to the sg lines.

  3. Def TR sounds right. At first I was thinking C, but that in the photos of the Classic-ish outfits (4, 5) it feels like some drama is missing. You have a great sense of style already!

  4. I think TR since you have double curve that needs to be accommodated for but also the narrow and slightly sharp bone structure. I personally love the outfit in the third pic.

  5. I think you're definitely in the Romantic family but I'm not sure wether it's TR or R...I don't see a lot of width so I think you lean more on the TR side

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