ID help please! I’m just bellow 5’4 (1,64 meters). I have a really hard time seeing myself in an objective manner.

  1. I see vertical and curve, no width. I would say SD! The pictures with long black dresses really show it, they have SD lines and really suit you.

  2. Ohh another one for SD! Thanks! I could definitely see it and yeah I agree, the black dresses are some of my favourite things in my wardrobe!

  3. My biggest issue with my ID is the vertical, when I look at myself I don’t see it, but when I asked my family they said I’m quite long. I definitely need upper curve accommodation and I need waist definition. When I gain weight I gain it mostly on my chest and my belly. I usually feel like oversized clothes wear me, like I don’t wear them, so I don’t really like them. I like things that hug my body and I looove flare and bootcut jeans.

  4. I think you could be SD. I think you look taller than you are and look amazing in the long black dresses, not as good in the shorter ones, but you still look very cute

  5. I see TR. I see curve and some sharpness. I don't see a strong vertical in any pics other than the monochromatic outfits which create a more vertical line.

  6. Thanks for the response! I actually typed myself as TR. It’s def between TR and SD, I don’t see a strong vertical either but I also get told that I look long so I’m really not sure 🤔And yeah I definitely need A LOT of waist definition, the difference it’s crazy. I’ll probably try both SD and TR lines this week and see how it goes.

  7. Thanks! SD was definitely one of my options, I just thought maybe my family saw me taller because all of the women in my family are really short but I guess maybe not 😂 And yeah I loveee that jumpsuit

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