My dress hunt continues...

  1. I'd given up on dresses years ago because I thought nothing suited me, but the dresses I tried were simply too short or too wide (or both). Realising I have to accommodate vertical through a longer and narrower silhouette despite being so short has been such an eye-opener for me these past few months. I got this dress yesterday and I love the fit, pattern and colour. This is one of the first times I genuinely like a dress on myself... I can't wait to start wearing more dresses this summer!

  2. What do you mean by 'so short', how tall are you? If I had to guess from the photo I'd say 5'7" or up. This dress is working for you so much I love it!

  3. This kind of print combined with the colour makes you look so majestic. The dress seems to follow your line well too. Gorgeous!

  4. My friend! You look fantastic. I love seeing how you tackle vertical with each post. It’s incredible thinking that a long line would be more complementary than shorter lines as a short person, but your posts are proof that vertical can happen for anyone.

  5. Thank you so much! Yes, it's so interesting. I'll never forget how I started my journey on reddit (different account) with getting mass typed as a FG πŸ˜… It's been a lot of fun to explore vertical, even though it can be difficult as a short person because most longer one piece garments like dresses are made for taller people.

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