Type me! 5’11” for reference.

  1. I see width and vertical so I'm going with FN. Though you are curvy, it's not the first thing you notice as you are frame dominant :)

  2. I think FN! You have the width and height for sure, although you do have some curve but I think it’s less prominent than the other two. I think the cuts that emphasize your shoulders (outfit 8 is my favorite!) and the straight cut pants really look nice! I’m pretty new to this so I don’t know for sure but that’s my input :)

  3. FN for sure! width and vertical are your most dominant traits, I see blunt and large bone structure similar to other Kibbe verified FNs.

  4. Not going to lie, blunt and wide definitely are not traits that I am excited to hear I classify as 😂 but I think looking at other FNs look like I for sure see it.

  5. Joining the others comments on FN ☺️ I love the sweater from the 4th photo! I think it’d look great with some straight blue jeans!

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