updated type help post w/ better pictures and diff lines! (5’6”)

  1. Honestly all I see is yin. It doesn't appear that you need to accommodate vertical either. 5'6" or not, I think you're in the Romantic family.

  2. I still see double curve, a little bit of sharpness and a very yin face. Now with the new pictures I think I also see you have some slight elongation in your neck, arms and legs. I do not see any width.

  3. You can probably narrow it down to soft classic and soft dramatic. I’m only seeing kibbe curve in your torso. The SD look is great as is the hair.

  4. I’ll be that annoying person, and suggest not to drop the version of DC just yet. If I was drawing your body’s outline based on pics 1,3, and ignored the deep cleavage that may alter the perception for some, the sides of your figure would be like sharp angled curves rather than circular. I think accommodating balance + slight vertical would not be out of place here

  5. I still think you look short for your height, but based on these pictures you no longer look very gamine anymore. You look best in the TR and SD outfits in my opinion, and I still detect no width/openness in your features-you seem much more soft, but not entirely so. I'd assign you TR first, and then SD. I hope that helped!

  6. Honestly everything looks great on you! I think you can suit most lines, because you just look super pretty in general! :) that said, I also tend towards the yin types despite the height limitations because I also don't really see width or vertical

  7. There a lot of gate keeping over R/TR in this sub, I’m not a pro but I see R, although the SD wrap too looks beautiful!! Height is an issue in this group, and despite verified celebs being over 5’5, as soon as you’re over 5’5 here you’ll likely get SD/SN or DC (occasionally FN). But yeah, I see R, but the wrap top looks beautiful, as does the red dress! Have a play and get a feel for what you like, maybe take some pics in your FAV outfits and see what type you think they are? Hope you find your type :)

  8. new post with more pictures and TR/R/SD lines - feel free to check it out (only if you'd like to though!) and let me know your opinions :)

  9. In these pictures. You still don't look tall,but you do look 5,6 now. You don't need to accommodate width, but you do need an open neckline. Since you do accommodate curves. I think that's why the sd outfit top worked better than the other ones. You need the room. Every other outfit looked really tight on you. I think you should look into sc, sd and romantic lines. If you feel you accommodate vertical, go with sd. If you feel you don't at all go with romantic.

  10. i just posted more pictures where i play around w/ vertical and different types of curve accomodation - feel free to check it out (only if you'd like to though!) and let me know your opinions :)

  11. I really have no idea but wanted to say you’re beautiful!! You give me a classic romantic ingenue essence so maybe R TR or SC?

  12. TR. i don’t see vertical, and you’re not very balanced like C or have any torso width like N. you’re not pure R because you still have sharpness in your outline. howeverrr i could definitely see R working as well since your face is very yin and you’ve got a lot of curve in your flesh with less prominence in your bone structure which is yang.

  13. the types I tried to style myself as (flip to the end of the slideshow) are the ones suggested by people that I might be in my previous type me post. I basically threw together different things I had in my closet to imitate the lines of the styles as described in the book excerpt, haha.

  14. I agree about not having enough Yang to be a dramatic…I see balance and moderate vertical, plus softness! Explore SC perhaps? The SD lines worked really nicely on you, and those are pretty SC friendly.

  15. Based off of these outfits, I feel like SD is most likely of the types you’ve given. I’m just not seeing Kibbe double curve in any of your outfits. Perhaps revisit SN with a different outfit choice. And maybe also try classic lines next!

  16. My guess is SD. I totally think you have double curve but are too tall for romantic, though there are exceptions. Anyway you still have to keep trying outfits before you decide, to see what looks the best, but in my opinion, it’s between those.

  17. new post with more pictures and TR/R/SD lines - feel free to check it out (only if you'd like to though!) and let me know your opinions :)

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