Found some new things to try. Wonderworks Cereal & Enlightened Ice Cream Cones.

  1. The wonderworks nutrition label I saw didn’t list sugar alcohols, which is unusual. According to that label, it had more net carbs than what the box front says (because they didn’t list out the sugar alcohols under carbs)

  2. The peanut butter and chocolate cereal mixed together is my favorite! I’ve noticed wonderwork in Walmart, target and shoprite so far.

  3. I came to suggest this combo too. I do it with a splash of heavy cream (enough in the bottom of the bowl to dip each bite of cereal in some to get it wet, but not a ton of calories/carbs added.)

  4. We just bought 2 more boxes of the cinnamon cereal from Walmart, very tasty. Chocolate one had a weird flavor.

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