Found these new bars on Walmart's website. Seems to be very new.

  1. Exactly. I was looking since my mom is the one who buys keto food and we like how much more stuff is being put out. I was actually looking for the Wonderworks keto cereal which she is very excited for.

  2. Amazon has them in single packs about the same price as they would be together which is really nice. Is magic spoon better because I’ve heard it was? I’m thinking about switching but idk I like the crunch, especially with adding macadamia nuts with them.

  3. Actually impressed with the ingredients. My take on this, it will be good long term if sales rise on keto products because more will be made. Then two or three or more of similar products for competition. That should cause price drops and poorly made product to go away or improve their ingredients. We can hope.

  4. Bit of a packaging/marketing fail. SUGAR in a bigger font (and more prominently displayed with the different colors) than the "2g Net Carbs" which is what we really care about.

  5. Even if you aren’t “keto” or following a ketogenic or low carb diet, the fact that more and more low sugar and no sugar items will be on shelves for people to include in their diet is wonderful!! And the more stuff that comes out the more the cost will get driven down and the market will grow. Super exciting.

  6. We are the last to get anything here lol. But looking at the ingredients, I’m not fond of soluble corn syrup or the soy protein...

  7. Kroger has keto yogurt in a bunch of flavors now too. It’s 5g of carbs so depending on your macros may be high for some people but it’s a nice easy breakfast option and way cheaper then any of the other keto brands.

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