Saline solution for sclerals

  1. It will be fine. All standard "saline" is 0.9%, because that is what saline solution is. The reason people tell you not to use saline with preservatives is because it could possibly cause toxicity in the eye depending on a lot of factors including the person, the eye sensitivity, the accuracy of labeling, the severity of the condition, the amount of water in the eye (relative to your body's hydration), etc. I have been using saline with preservatives for years and have had no problems, and have had multiple doctors say that it is fine as long as you dont notice issues.,

  2. I like the preservative-free saline with the brand name Purilens, and buy two twelve-packs at a time from Amazon every few months. Good luck!

  3. It may depend on the specific lenses, but my eye doc only specified that the saline needs to be preservative-free.

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