Heavy Armour is NOT late-game only gear: the importance of stats reducing gear

  1. Me too at this point, but at the start I try to get to 40/50 combat stats quickly to enjoy exploring more (it's more fun when you don't have to run away from everything). I like to level up while exploring rather than with prisoners, so I'll gear all my guys in optimal training gear for a while, then it's rule of cool or RP clothing.

  2. Someone here did multiple simulations of two guys fighting with Holy Plate VS crab VS Samurai. And Holy plate won like 70-90% of the time. Reason is debuffs are not that important while protection for chest/stomach is high. While crab debuff is just too huge.

  3. I can only support this. My last "guy with a dog" playthrough started in bast, watching the HN and UC kill each other and stealing armor, resulting in a day1 char with full samurai outfit that had to flee both nations for wandering in stolen UC uniform (with pockets full of more uniform). Wandering to a safer place (the Hub), carrying the dog half the time, made for great athletics and strength training, and then by the time the first battles came along my dude had a comfy armor taking hits, that he already knew how to carry, rather than struggle and bleed out in low tier light armor, allowing to play tank while the dog tries to fight.

  4. Yup, in my last playthrough I built a huge city in Heng, with army, police force and Tech Hunter force. They need a lot of recruits, especially the Tech Hunters cause they tend to lose guys here and there (playing with 4x death chance and many challenge mods).

  5. Heavy armor + toothpick is my favorite way to level up crossbows. Hang around some easy enemies, and let your team blast away at them while catching each other in the crossfire.

  6. Yup, really quick way to level up precision shooting. Still, even with extremely high ff avoidance my gunners won't stop killing at least one of my guys per run.

  7. MA counts as attack stat, so unless you find a strong MA it doesn't really help, and strong MA guys aren't easy to find

  8. Drones have really low limb hp. One unlucky hit on an uncovered part can be enough. But don't worry, it's a good way to get an upgrade!

  9. My biggest reason for not wearing heavy armor early is because it makes it so you can't carry any loot without going 2mph. You also can't run away from fast enemies, which is what I spend most of my time doing early game. I also like to get as many people as possible missing limbs so I can put better ones on them. Still though, that leveling thing makes it make sense to at least put heavy armor on if you are about to get in a fight.

  10. As I said you're going to be slow for a whil, but I doesn't take long for your people to level up strength by simply going around. Plus you only really need to wear chest and head for stats, you can go clothpants and sandals for speed.

  11. This is why you grab heavy armour and carry a body around. A one way trip from Bark to World’s Edge is about 40 strength that way and you are still at 50% strength training even after you’ve made your way back yo Bark again

  12. I think i experimented with effective stats a long time ago. Modifiers didn't seem to effect xp gain. Did you actually test this?

  13. It doesn't work with stats that don't compare with enemy's stats, such as Dex and Strength (at least in combat, because using a single shoddy hiver arm seems to level up strength more quickly than with two good arms)

  14. Anyway yes, with a large backpack 5 and 15 skill without against a 30 skill enemy I got 33% and 29% on two landed hits (I micro canceled failed hits to only count scored hit for consistency).

  15. As a new player, I was actually curious about this but hadn't tested it yet myself. Thanks for the solid advice!

  16. Why avoid heavy armor at low levels? (.01) of 1 still rounds to 1 of any stat. There's no real difference between 5 vs 1 for almost all the stats in the game. Heavy armor is for early game, light armor is for when you have good stats

  17. 5 is a 5% increase or decrease in levelling speed. If you stack them with backpacks or weapons you can quickly go much higher than that. Plus there's a huge factor that is max skill difference for XP gains. If you're above that threshold you won't gain any XP whatsoever, and there's also a soft threshold where you won't gain as much

  18. I might be completely wrong, but being in this sub for years I thought that the difference in defense is what is used to calculate the gain of attack and defense.

  19. Or just install "Weaklings give exp" and don't bother with that silly part of the game that doesn't make sense in a first place.

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