You guys think he coming back for a 2nd soundtrack?

  1. Hard to say, he worked on the first black panther and they got him in the trailer for the second. I would think that's enough for him in terms of a workload and it was successful enough for him to move on. Then again because they got him in the first one and in the trailer, they could get a track out of him maybe.

  2. I mean I feel like kendrick/the weekend were supposed to be mirrors of tchalla/killmonger and neither are gonna be in this film so it makes sense to switch to a black female artist this time around given the new mantel will likely be taken by Shuri. maybe a latino artist for Namor but who knows we’ll find out within the next two weeks anyways

  3. Shouldn’t there have been some official announcement about the soundtrack by now we’re like 2 1/2 weeks out from the film being released?

  4. Nah I think Sampa The Great is putting this album together. Her song was in the trailer & she apparently wrote the Rihanna song for the film that just dropped

  5. I Don't Know If he dose that would be Really Cool and even If he doesn't do a New Song for the Movie they could maybe include Alright like they did in the Trailer

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