How can we possibly matter to the gods?

  1. There are things we can do in the physical that they can't. If they care at all about being present on earth, we become the avatars for them.

  2. Would your life matter more if you were a million times bigger? Would the pain and pleasures of life be anymore real if you the descendents of stegosaur's rather then primates?

  3. I have five rats. They matter to me. Just because something is small doesn't mean its unimportant. (took me a long time to learn that).

  4. The gods love humanity, no matter how small we are. The gods are extremely close to us, even though they're incredibly powerful, we are just like them. The gods have always loved humanity, and helped us whenever we needed it. Ptah gave us art and craft, Het-Heru gave us music, Heka gave us magic. We matter to them.

  5. The way I understand it, the Gods exist on both the "macrocosm" and the "microcosm" - that is, They can be both big and small.

  6. Because we, humans, made them. It is the most beautiful form of mutualism possible. We saw the world around us and Named it: Ra, Sekhmet, Set, Wesir, Khonsu, Aset. We named our world and erected their visage and gave meaning and form to that which would have simply Been were it not Named. Without us, without humans, the gods simply would not be. They would not having meaning and thus would not be gods.

  7. Every part of existence is important to them, the entire universe is one thing with trillions of different parts. We happen to have intelligence and can have complex interactions with them that other organisms can’t

  8. I think it’s the same reason why if I have a child they would be important to me. Even though they are small, whiney, and needy, I’d still love them and want the world for them.

  9. Hi me again though you prolly don't remember but anyway. You my dear friend and fellow pagan matter so much more than you think. First off no one could be you or have gone through the same experiences, pain, pleasure or emotional states as you. Making you as a person the most beautiful and amazing being you can be. Secondly, I understand that when you feel small and insignificant everything and everyone seems so much more but even on your worst days you matter as much as on your best days. Also, the Gods made things in their image the gods make mistakes, feel emotions, love, grieve, and experience as we do. The only thing making them greater than us is their divinity. Pagan gods in general are much more relatable than the abrahamic religions take on the gods because they are fallible and we can in some way understand them because of that. Sorry for the long post guys, gals and non binary pals but we should be lifting each other up in these dark and stormy times.

  10. Along with our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom we bring life to the nun, and and aid the divine in dispelling that ancient darkness.

  11. Because they want to. Why/how could we care about anything else when all life is so cosmically small and their lifespans are so infinitesimally fleeting? Same answer. They just do. Care doesn't need a reason, and "small" and "fleeting" aren't the same as "not worthwhile" or "unlovable". A dog has likely a fourth of what my own lifespan will end up being if all goes well with my health. Does that mean it's foolish of me to adore dogs, or to keep and care for them? Does it make it silly for me to get really excited when I see one wag its tail at me, or for me to be overwhelmed with joy when it parades around with a squeaky toy in its mouth to go "look at what I have!!" to all the humans in its general area? Possibly, but that doesn't make the feeling any less real or worthwhile. It definitely doesn't make every single dog I see any less loved by me, that's for sure and certain. I guess that it's similar with the gods. We've existed for an even shorter time in comparison to them than any dog has in comparison to us. That doesn't mean they don't feel happy when we place offerings on their altar and go "look what I have!!!" at them, or that they don't feel excited when we get all giddy about them communicating with us. It certainly doesn't make them any more foolish than us and our pet dogs for them to care for us and keep us, either. This is one instance where even I can discard the "how" and "why" as things that ultimately don't matter. They just do, and that is enough.

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