What skin line would y’all like to see Kayn in?

  1. Project Kayn has too much potential not to be the next project legendary. Also would be kinda nice For a different champ other than ADC or KDA girls to get a legendary for once in the past year or so.

  2. I’m curious, isn’t Odyssey kinda like this? I may completely wrong so please tell me if I’m in. Is Rhaast related to the Dark Star or Galaxy eater skins or something like that?

  3. Project or candy. But I like the odyssey and nightbringer's idea of giving kayn multiple skin lines in one skin so probably that.

  4. Still want to see him in a band with Aphelios and Sett, that concept never got realized. I think he’d make a great guitarist for the band, maybe have him switch between rhythm and lead guitar for his forms? Blue as lead because assassins want to be the flashy star of a fight, red for rhythm because consistency.

  5. I think sentinel Kayn would have worked. One light and one dark. There aren’t a lot of skins that present unique opportunities for Rhaast and Kayn

  6. Space groove would be cool because kayn would be a cat lover and rhaast a dog lover, with one form being funk music qnd the other disco music

  7. Warring Kingdoms, PsyOps and PROJECT, also my own, probably dumb original skin idea Piltover Kayn where blue kayn would be more like the hextech skins, while the red kayn would be made in chemtech style

  8. Bro this is so hard because Kayn can fit into any skins line with multiple factions. High noon kayn could be a metal demon like mord or an angel like Ashe/sion.

  9. Generally speaking I kind of hate the PROJECT skin line, but a PROJECT/PROGRAM Kayn skin would be awesome.

  10. Battle Bunny (I don’t remember what the line is called) or Star Guardian. I’d like to see him in a fun look that’s not a total meme.

  11. My favourites are Project and Spirit Blossom, however now with Snow Moon I don't feel like Spirit Blossom would be that good anymore as the sort of asian theme is a bit similar in them, just different colour palettes and designs (but for example, Blood Moon Rhaast and Spirit Blossom Thresh mask is fairly similar). I could definitely see Kayn in another legendary skin in the Dragonmancer skinline with Kayn being the Dragonslayer and Rhaast being the Dragonmancer, it's by far my favourite skinline so naturally I'd like to see my favourite champion in it. The idea of flying through walls with dragon wings and surrounded by a firery source emerging from you, and a cute lil dragon symbol popping out on the wall next to your enemies to warn them about their inevitable death, it just sounds cool to me lol.

  12. Reaper Kayn man Its such a simple Halloween skim but it would fit him so well and i hate that they just wont make it

  13. For everyone talking about Candy Kayn. It won't happen because Riot have said the name doesn't translate well, so it's obsolete in any language other than English.

  14. Imagine a skin from the dragon line where he's like a dragonslayer but also half dragon (kinda like panth i guess) and when he transforms into rhaast he fully embraces his dragon part while SA purges it

  15. I've wanted my blood moon kayn for God knows how long and I finally got that. Although personally I think blood moon SA should basically just be Yones base skin with a different color scheme.

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